November 8, 2021

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Embrace the Silent Notes with Music Lessons Toronto

There is a certain type of poetry that can be found in the silence between the notes being played with any type of music. The music isn’t only in the notes but it also lies in the silence between the notes. There is a certain power in silence and in the pauses between the flows of the sound. It’s natural for a person that is just getting started with music lessons Toronto to feel like these moments of silence should be filled with notes but this is far from being true. The silent adds to the music and should be respected just as much as the notes are.

Composers use this empty space as a way to enrich the music. Individuals taking music lessons Toronto should understand that there is a certain skill to understanding the spaces between notes in order to emphasize the importance of the silence and to bring a balance to the music. Try to listen to what you are leaving out to gain a better appreciation of it.

Music brings about a certain feeling that simply can’t be put into words. In order to fully experience everything that music has to offer, it must be presented in a balanced way that shows that you understand what the music is trying to say. There are some dramatic pauses that have been written into the music for a certain reason. Sometimes they help to build tension in the piece or they can act as a bridge between two different styles.

Understand that the silence gives life and beauty to the music being played. Music lessons Toronto will help you gain a better understanding of music as a whole and teach you how to play between the notes by not making any movements or sound. When you learn how to do this, you will find it very rewarding and meaningful. Embrace the power of silence in order to give a stronger feeling to the music.

How to Play with Feeling with Piano Lessons Toronto

There are technical aspects to playing music that are important to learn. There are many different stages in learning to play the piano or any other instrument. When you start with piano lessons Toronto you will be taught the basics of playing music and how to read the sheet music. You also become comfortable with the pedals at the bottom of the piano, learn how to sit correctly and how to position your fingers.

Once you have learnt the specific techniques with piano lessons Toronto and feel like you have mastered them to a certain extent you will start to get a feeling when you play regarding the music. It’s hard to explain but when you feel it you’ll know instantly what it is. When you play with feeling you’re able to give the music life and you can also provide your own interpretation of the sounds. 

If you search through YouTube for musicians that are playing the same piano piece, you’ll notice that they all sound different to one extent or another. A piece of music cannot be played exactly the same way twice. Even the composer that used to play the music would not be able to exactly duplicate the piece over and over again. When you look at the people making the music on YouTube you’ll see that everyone is providing their own feeling and placing it into the music. This is something else you will learn to appreciate with piano lessons Toronto.

This is one of the reasons why you’ll find that you like one performance better than another even when the same song is being played. One will resonate with you more than the others and provide you with an internal feeling that you like. It all comes down to personal preference and what one person loves another will not and that’s totally okay.

There is a lot more to learning how to play the piano than simply learning the technical aspects of it. When you connect with a great piano lessons Toronto instructor you will start to feel the music on your own automatically.

Singing Lessons in Toronto

Learning how to appreciate the silence between notes and how to feel the music not only applies to learning and playing a musical instrument but to singing as well. If you are interested in taking singing lessons in Toronto you’ll also start by learning the technical aspects of singing the music so that you can then concentrate on feeling the song.

When you hear somebody singing beautifully, you can actually understand how deeply they are feeling the music. If you’ve ever seen somebody just sing the notes before without putting any feeling into it, the sound is hollow and empty. It doesn’t send shivers down your arm like a well- performed song should.

When you sing with feeling you are actively engaging the melody and rhythm as the sound vibrations resonate throughout your body. You’ll be able to provide your own creative self-expression to the music and when this occurs you’ll feel empowered.

It’s an important balancing act to use the technical ability in tandem with feelings but this is what good music is all about. When it comes to singing lessons in Toronto it’s not just about what the music should actually sound like but what you can make it sound like on your own.

Having all of the feeling in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you aren’t able to display it using the instrument. In order to do this, you need to know how to play properly and technically. Having a lot of feeling but not knowing the right way to play can create an undisciplined expression of your feelings, which will ultimately be a liability to the very music you are trying to play. 

Find out how to balance your playing with feeling and learn the technical aspects of your instrument or your voice at

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