June 1, 2022

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Emotional Benefits

Emotion is at the heart of music. Singers, songwriters, and musicians pour their hearts and souls into the music they write and perform, and it is no coincidence that it is often the songs with the most meaning attached to them that people identify most with and will listen to again and again. Playing an instrument can prove a valuable emotional outlet. This, in turn, can benefit your health and happiness.

Sense of Achievement- playing an instrument comes with a wonderful sense of having accomplished something. This feeling is important for our emotional wellbeing. For some, it will come from performing in front of people; for others, simply mastering a new song will feel like a tremendous victory.
Self Expression- It is essential for our mental health and emotional wellbeing that we can express our thoughts and feelings and be ourselves. However, this is not always easy in our daily lives. Our personal situations, mental health, and our own personalities can make it difficult to simply say what we’re feeling. An instrument can offer a way to break through this and express ourselves through music.
Regulating Mood- music brings strong therapeutic value in helping us to deal with what we are feeling. Listening or playing music releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins give us a heightened feeling of excitement. With high endorphin levels, we have fewer negative effects of stress. In addition to feeling euphoric, endorphins quell anxiety, anger, and depression.

Don’t miss out on these amazing health benefits that come with learning such a valuable skill! Now is your chance to learn with us at Elite Music Academy! Sign up for our lessons and start learning to play and create music today!

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