July 12, 2022

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

Fun On The Mic & Stage: Musical Theatre Classes

Musical Theatre lessons offer a unique opportunity to explore the art of
musical performance in all its forms. From working on an original
production, to learning how to sing, dance and act on stage at a
professional level or even just learning how to move on stage, Musical
Theatre gives students the chance to try it all.
That is why participating in musical theatre is the perfect program for
children. While teaching kids how to sing and dance, they engage their
creativity and imagination which in turn can reveal their inner talents or

In this world where technology is taking over our lives, it is more important
than ever before for children to learn how to express themselves in a
confidently and healthy manner without using electronics. Studies show
that musical programs encourage confidence in children by reinforcing
positive behaviours such as cooperation, leadership and self-esteem.
Children have fun while learning about themselves and others through
music, dance and drama activities. They also strongly develop social skills
such as teamwork, cooperation and communication.
There are many reasons why Musical Theatre is such a great program for
children of all ages. Here are just a few:

  • Social interaction becomes easier.
  • Your child will be able to express themself more articulately.
  • Practicing and performing lines or songs ultimately helps to promote
    a great memory.
  • Students create new friendships.
  • Students learn how to cooperate and compromise with others.
  • Your child will interact with other children from all backgrounds and
    will learn to be non-judgmental, kind and supportive.
  • All students will learn presentation skills, which are important for their
    academic future
  • Students will be introduced to a wide knowledge of music, learning
    how to recognise rhythms, beats and timings in different genres

The desire to create and nurture young talent has been the hallmark of
Elite Music Academy. We are proud to offer a high quality Musical Theatre
Program that strives to provide every child with the environment and skills
to flourish. Each year, we see students who have improved their skills in
areas like singing and acting. We focus on a fun-filled experience for each
student which will help him or her learn valuable lessons about teamwork,
discipline, and effort. Sign up to our Musical Theatre Program today!

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