June 7, 2022

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

Healing Musical Benefits

Meet 42-year-old nurse Lisa. When Lisa gets home from work she likes to belt
out a few ’80s classic rock songs. Like many people everywhere this nurse
started using a karaoke app this year to improve her health problems. “My job
is very stressful and I have a lot of illness and trauma to heal,” she says.
“Singing calms my system down, especially after work.”

Lisa loves to sing along to powerful female voices with meaningful lyrics. “I
don’t think or feel anything but the lyrics and the music, and how it makes me
feel emotionally.” She believes her new evening singing hobby has improved
her health and wellbeing. “The vibration of singing gets all your cells buzzing –
it’s exercise for your cells – and improves oxygen intake, too. Singing makes
me feel alive and pain-free. I breathe better. I hold my posture with more

strength. I don’t tend to get flu or chest infections. My life has significantly
changed for the better.”
A vast amount of research supports what Lisa and many others instinctively
know – that singing greatly improves our health. Scientists believe that
“feel-good” hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin, linked to social
bonding, are responsible.
Another study suggests pain tolerance increases when we sing. According to
research in the journal Music Perception, singing also boosts the immune
system and, when it’s not related to public performance, reduces levels of the
stress hormone cortisol. Other research suggests singing can improve
breathing, posture, linguistic ability, children’s reading, dementia and
respiratory issues and it’s being investigated as an adjunctive therapy for
cancer patients.
This summer don’t miss out on all of these amazing benefits. Join our Vocal
Intensive Summer Camp and learn to sing your favorite songs alongside our
amazing instructors!

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