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How Music Lessons Toronto Can Help Children Improve Their Language Skills

A lot of studies have shown that music lessons can help improve language skills. A new study has also indicated that language proficiency as a whole can be improved due to improvements in discriminating differences between words, which is gained through music lessons Toronto. Music has a profound effect on language processing according to a study that was done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

This study was done in Beijing and the outcome suggests that training in music helps to improve language skills as much as extra reading lessons do. In fact, it was shown that music lessons, especially piano lessons Toronto, may be even more beneficial than extra reading time for children.

Piano Lessons Toronto

Previous studies have also indicated that musicians are better able to perform tasks like distinguishing speech from noises in the background, reading comprehension and faster auditory processing. In the new study by MIT, 74 children participated in this study and they were divided into 3 different groups including:

  1. Receiving piano lessons for 45 minutes, 3 times per week
  2. Receiving extra instruction in reading for 45 minutes, 3 times per week
  3. Receiving no extra reading instructions or music lessons

The children that were taking the study ranged in age from 4 to 5 years and they were reevaluated after 6 months based on the ability to make a distinction between words. The discrimination between words was based on tone, consonant and vowel differences. The children that took piano lessons did much better than the children that had extra reading instruction. The children in the groups that received extra reading instruction or piano lessons were able to perform better than the children in the third group that received no extra intervention.

Music for Infants

Parents realize quite quickly that a fussy baby can often be quickly soothed with a gentle lullaby. As we grow older, we continue to be affected by music in many different ways. Music is a way of life in every culture and provides a number of different benefits including language acquisition, more concentration and an improved memory. Music lessons Toronto can also help with physical development and coordination. Children that have grown up from babies to toddlers in a musical environment naturally develop strong connections that are musically related, which in turn helps to strengthen language skills.

Children imitate the musical structure and rhythm they hear when their parents speak. This happens long before any real words can be spoken. If you think back to your childhood, you may find that you can remember a lot of nursery rhymes and many songs that you learned at a very early age. Music helps a person retain expressions and words much more easily.

We can memorize words in a song due to repetitive patterns and the musical rhythm. This applies to both the mother tongue that is being learned by the young child and for children that are learning a second language. It is highly beneficial to use music lessons Toronto as a way to teach another language and to help bolster the language skills of the mother tongue.

Music Lessons for Mothers

Music Lessons for Mothers

If you’re like many mothers, you may not have the confidence to sing to your baby especially in front of others. While it doesn’t matter how well you can sing when you’re with your baby, you may still have some hesitancy to do it if you don’t feel like you can sing well. Singing lessons can help you build up the confidence you need to at least sing basic songs to your young child. Anyone can benefit from singing lessons. There are techniques that you will be shown that will help you improve – even if you feel like you are tone deaf!

The same holds true for musical instrument and piano lessons Toronto for mothers. You can learn how to play a musical instrument so that your child can grow up surrounded by music. Taking music lessons Toronto also gives you some special dedicated time for yourself, which is important for any new mother.

As you become more proficient with your musical abilities, the benefits will spill over to your baby or young infant. Babies absolutely love the rhythms and patterns of songs and it’s been shown in various studies that even very young babies are able to recognize certain melodies after they’ve only heard them once.

As your children grow, they can enjoy singing along with you. They will learn the language faster and will have more confidence in themselves. Once they have reached the age of 4 or 5 years old, you can start introducing them to music lessons Toronto in order to teach them how to play an instrument such as a piano.

Music Schools Toronto

You don’t have to wait until your child is ready for elementary school before you enroll him in music classes. Your child’s brain is developing at this young age and most are equipped to start learning the basics of certain instruments. When you start your child out with music lessons Toronto at an early age, you will instill a love for music that will last a lifetime.

Singing lessons can also be provided to young children and they can help stimulate the brain. Other benefits of teaching your child to sing include increased creativity and coordination. Overall, you will be helping your child become a balanced, well-rounded individual.

Elite Music is one of the leading music schools Toronto and we specialize in teaching people of all ages how to develop a relationship with music that is invaluable. These lessons are available in the form of individual or group lessons at our physical facility or you can opt to take them online. Either way, your appreciation of music and your skill level can reach new heights.

Learn more about the different singing and instrumental music lessons Toronto we offer by visiting our website now at elitemusic.ca. The gift of music is one of the most helpful and loving gestures you can give to your growing child.

How Music Lessons Toronto Can Help Children Improve Their Language Skills

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