June 7, 2022

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

Living a healthy life could be as simple as singing along to your favorite songs.

We all know that LONG life expectancy often comes down to the lifestyle one
adopts. Eating the right kinds of food, exercising and avoiding certain bad
habits will all help to ensure a long and healthy life. Scientists have now found
another method which could add years to your life and help reduce your risk of
health conditions. Whether you are able to hold a tune or not, singing could
help to boost your longevity. How?

A joint Yale and Harvard study proved that for some people singing promoted
healthy hearts and minds, which boosts longevity. In fact, studies have shown
that singing can help lower blood pressure, improve brain health to reduce
dementia risk and even helps with depression symptoms. One recent study
states that singing can improve our blood circulation with an oxygenated blood
stream allowing more oxygen to reach the brain. This in turn improves mental
alertness, concentration, and memory.

Join our Vocal Intensive Summer Camp here in Elite Music Academy where
we provide students with the skills they need to sing their favorite tunes, as
well as giving them all the long lasting health benefits singing provides and we
see these benefits reflect in their grades and personality!
Why miss out? Join Us for an eventful summer filled with fun activities!

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