May 13, 2014

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Mindful Violin Practice Tips

Focus is everything when it comes to practice, but focus is especially important when taking violin lessons in Toronto. Improper practice can, and usually will lead to poor results. However, with the right tips, anyone can succeed in practicing more mindfully, deliberately, and efficiently.
Mindful Violin Practice 
If students do not focus while they practice, their lesson will always fail to meet their expectations. By taking the time to focus, students can assess the smaller chunks of their music at a time. For example, instead of focusing on an entire page, the student could focus on one bar or phrase at a time.Furthermore, students should track their focus during practice. By limiting the duration that every student practices during each session or lesson, it is easier to track and determine how much each student is progressing per violin practice. Violinist Nathan Milstein’s teacher Leopold Aver once said, “Practice with your fingers and you need all day. Practice with your mind and you will do as much in 1 1/2 hours.” Excessive practicing without focus can be just as bad as practicing too little.Practice Violin When It’s Best For You 
Barring that the student doesn’t already know, it is key to track the time of day when each student has the most energy. This tracking should be done by the individual. It will be different for everyone, but it is crucial and helpful to practice at a naturally productive time.For those students who find difficulty in time and productivity management, it can also be helpful to break down violin lessons or practices into segments. The most important part is to be consistent, as well as develop a routine.Distraction Free Violin Lesson 
Above all, it is paramount that students find a quiet room where they will not be disturbed during violin practice. This requires there to be no television, no cell phones, iPads, etc. The only materials that students should need to practice are: a pencil to take note of any difficult passages, etc., a music stand, and their music.The chosen location should also provide the student with access to proper hydration, and a healthy snack to energize during their violin lesson. Physical needs have to be met to ensure the student’s ability to focus and concentrate is not disrupted. Practicing tired will run the risk of said student slipping into poor playing habits.

Do Not Trust Memory – Track Your Violin Lesson And Practice 
If possible, it can help when practicing to use a notebook to log and plan practices. By using discipline, students can assign clear, specific goals to track their problems step by step. This will allow students to work smarter, not harder during their lessons.

Smarter, Not Harder – Change The Way You Practice
When the going gets tough, students sometimes stubbornly think that means they are quitting. The truth is, if strategies are not working for a particular student, it may be time for a change of action. In doing so, it doesn’t mean the student is quitting, it means the student is moving forward to better their success at practicing the violin.

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