October 11, 2022

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Music & its Effect On Emotional Well-being -Arian Dallis

Music has strong emotional effects on both the musician and listeners. We have all experienced this from time to time, a song we love comes on and we are instantly reminded of an event or time in our memory. There is a deep emotional response to music, and when you make playing music a part of your life it will strengthen your emotional development.

Playing a musical instrument is very similar to meditating! All thoughts in mind disappear and the musician is solely focused on the musical creation, or performance task in front of them. This is an amazing way to relieve emotional stress and help develop healthy management of negative emotions.

When a young musician is learning to play they are encouraged to be themselves and try their very best while doing so, this creates emotional security that allows the student to be creative and connect confidently with their activities.

Learning new songs, exploring different instruments and sounds provide musicians with the ability to make positive connections to new and healthy activities. These activities teach confidence and develop a stronger cognitive connection between the student and their everyday activities.

Music is a universal language and accessible to everyone, no matter the age. It can be an essential component of emotional development. The influence of learning and playing music in the processes of knowledge consists in the development of a more complex perception of reality, imagination, thought and attention. Making learning music one of the most productive and helpful activities you can take part of for your overall well being.

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