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Music’s Role in Social Development -Arian Dallis

We all know how fun playing and singing along to your favorite songs can be and how much
stress can be relieved just from jamming out to the tunes you love.

But did you know that there are also many benefits which greatly improve a young musician’s
social development? No matter the skill level, just participating in the act of making music can be a great foundation for the development of social skills.

Here are some social skills young musicians gain when playing an instrument or singing!

Socio-Emotional Intelligence- Whether you are learning to play with an instructor or alongside a group of people you learn to respect others as they express themselves, you learn to respect your instructor as he guides you along teaching you patience in the process. Collaborating with

other learning musicians while all having a common goal to create or play the song teaches the importance of teamwork and respect while making every musician’s contribution to the creation of a song valuable, increasing self esteem.

The development of discipline-

Making mistakes and learning from them is key in the process of learning how to create and play music, even the best musicians at one point had to learn from the beginning making tons of mistakes in order to become the masters they are today. Teaching kids to play allows them to learn that everything worthwhile is not easy to attain. The process of practicing notes and learning from mistakes teaches young musicians a valuable lesson which they will learn from and apply to their everyday lives. The sense of reward students feel after their hard work pays off and they finally achieve their musical goal of creating or finally playing a song sets up a healthy reward system which is directly reflected in their academic behavior.

Leadership Skills Through Confidence-

The simple activity of finally learning to play a song has vast benefits in confidence increase for music students. As students watch their hard work and discipline pay off they will keep increasing their ability to learn and create music. This confidence becomes a healthy part of their self- esteem, teaching students that they can
accomplish anything they put their mind into, instead of them being afraid to take on a newly discovered task. Leadership skills are very important in our everyday lives and it is a skill you can pick up just from learning to play music!

Social Skills are very important in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. At the Elite Music Academy we offer lessons and music programs for all ages and for musicians of any skill level. Try out our classes and gain all of these amazing benefits while having fun learning to create music!

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Music’s Role in Social Development -Arian Dallis

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