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Rosedale Heights School of the Arts Builds Successful Musicians

Rosedale Heights School of the Arts is a short distance from Elite Music Academy, and home to one of the city’s most popular music programs for secondary students. In fact, there are a number of Rosedale Heights students who take music lessons or attend Rock Camp at Elite Music. The school is highly ranked among Canadian schools and is a thriving place for young talented musicians and artists to cultivate their talents in a supportive environment.

Like Elite Music Academy, Rosedale Heights is resolute in their belief that the arts should be available to all students, regardless of whether or not they’ve had formal lessons in the past. They push creative boundaries with plenty of opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary arts. This is evidenced by the fact that they are the only arts school in the Toronto District School Board that does not require auditions for admittance.

Attending Rosedale Heights music program can be the deciding factor in whether or not a young person takes their music career seriously. At Elite, we highly encourage our students and parents to examine schools that focus on arts and music to help develop our students’ musical talents and expand their creative interests. Involvement in such programs reflect back in the students’ music lessons. In addition to this, music and art boost a child’s cognitive abilities, academic achievement, confidence, and organization skills, which are essential to the success of the child, and something a lot of parents are ready to get on board with.

The school’s music program follows the Ontario Curriculum and combines both practical skills and creative development to build a student’s love of music individually and collaboratively, broadening their ability to solve problems creatively and become responsible, involved members of the local community.

Their music department offers classes in musical theatre, strings, band, orchestra, vocal, guitar and musical composition. All of these programs provide for the explorations of different time periods and cultures, exposing students to different modes, scales, rhythms and styles. In addition, their students perform in the community, record professionally, take lessons from guest musicians, and go on field trips.

Simply put, Rosedale Heights builds on students’ lessons with music and art-centered programs that will help them succeed in life. They also focus on overall academic excellence in all the core curriculum requirements, to ensure a well-rounded education. This is why it is not surprising that 95% of Rosedale Heights graduates go on to attend University or College.

As a music school, we love to see students shine during their lessons and thrive in music and art as a whole. In fact, we are a frequent sponsor at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts fundraisers. We highly recommend that students entering grade 9 and existing high school students strongly consider expanding their creative talents through the music and other arts programs at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts

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Article by Torva Logan

Rosedale Heights School of the Arts Builds Successful Musicians

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