June 7, 2022

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

Singing is medicine.

Musician Benjamin Oxley regularly witnesses the transformational power of singing
as the host of singalongs in aged-care facilities across Texas. He describes how
one of his clients was enjoying herself so much she didn’t need her regular pain
medication. “It takes them out of their situation,” Oxley says. “They may not have
had a good day up to that point. They’re lifted and transcended beyond everyday

Oxley finds that singing also breaks down social barriers quickly. “All of a sudden
you go from not knowing anyone to becoming quite intimate. The shared singing
experience quite often draws them to talk to each other and relate.” A professional
singer for 30 years, Oxley focuses on music of his clients’ era. “I always bring it
back to a common time. I’d describe it as being on a bus, on a happy trip, a time
when they would have enjoyed being out.” Here in the Elite Music Academy we
provide our students with a joyful experience while learning such an amazing skill!
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