June 21, 2022

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

The amazing benefits of singing.

Did you know that singing is considered aerobic? It is a form of exercise that greatly increases the efficiency of the body’s cardiovascular system
and brings amazing benefits to our overall health! Aerobic activity increases the oxygenation of the blood, which also improves alertness.

Surprisingly even when seated, singing involves tremendous dynamic thoracic activity, which brings huge benefits to the structure and function of
our breathing mechanism. Major muscle groups are exercised in the upper body. Furthermore, aerobic activity is linked to longevity, stress reduction
and a longer lifespan.

Singing is a cathartic activity. As we all know singing provides an outlet for our feelings. Through its physical activity and the related internal emotional triggering, singing allows us to feel better about ourselves and change our view about the world around us. From birth, our earliest auditory

experiences are the human voice, principally from first hearing our mother’s voice inside the womb. All voice use,especially singing, affects core
emotional states that are central to the human condition, such as joy and sadness.

In Elite Music Academy we know how important the benefits of singing are, sign up today to our singing classes which you can take in our studio,
online, or in the comfort of your home!

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Elite Music Academy in Toronto

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