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The Importance of Learning Piano or Guitar for Voice Students

singing voice guitar piano music lessons torontoBeing a great vocalist is a wonderful thing. Taking piano (especially piano lessons in Toronto at Elite Music) is equally wonderful. Taking voice lessons to perfect one’s skill is an excellent idea and one a vocalist will never regret. However, being only a vocalist limits one’s ability as a musician, and limits the possibility of being able to earn a living in the music industry. Playing an instrument, such as guitar or piano, is very much in the best interest of a vocalist that is serious about a career in music.

Having the ability to play an instrument gives a vocalist more value as a musician than being a vocalist only. For many careers in music, playing an instrument is a requirement. Those vocalists who wish to pursue a career in music education, for instance, must at least have moderate skills on the piano. Taking piano lessons before getting to the college level is almost crucial to a vocalist wanting to major in music education. Elementary, middle schools, and high schools want to hire music teachers that have the ability to accompany the students on the piano for school performances. Some also have keyboarding classes, which means the teacher must be able to play in order to teach the students. Giving private piano lessons on the side is an excellent way to gain a bit of extra income as well.

Many vocalists branch out into other areas to enhance their music careers. Songwriting is an avenue that many vocalists pursue. It is definitely an advantage to be able to play another instrument, such as piano or guitar. Taking piano or guitar lessons will add to the skills needed to craft a beautiful song. This helps the songwriter be able to add the chords necessary for the accompaniment. It also helps in being able to write down the melody and add the harmony the song needs. Once a song is written, recording a demo is the next step. Knowing how to play guitar or piano will make the recording process a great deal easier.

Performance is what most vocalists love to do, but playing an instrument adds to performances as well, which is proven on the talent shows on television. Many artists that play guitar have that quiet moment during a concert performance when they play and sing a touching ballad that gives them a special connection with the audience. This is what gains fans, adds to the quality of the concert, and gives the artist the boost needed for success.

Anything added to one’s skill set will only increase the value of a vocalist’s musicianship. By all means, a serious vocalist should take voice lessons. However, taking piano or guitar lessons will give a vocalist added worth in whatever career path is chosen.

The Importance of Learning Piano or Guitar for Voice Students

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