June 14, 2022

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The relationship between Math and Music.

There are studies that show a correlation in students that play music and their
ability to comprehend mathematics. In fact, Einstein used to sit and play music
anytime he was stuck on a mathematical problem. By concentrating on the task
at hand (left brain) while playing the piano or violin (right brain), he was able to
strengthen the communication between the two hemispheres of his brain and
increase brain power. As such, listening to music could improve a student’s
cognition and ability to learn math skills.

While listening to enjoyable music may improve cognition and math skills,
performing music offers more advantages. Learning music significantly improves
math skills because, at some level, all music is math. It’s about time signatures,
formulaic progressions, and beats per minute. Performing music, therefore,
reinforces the parts of the brain used when doing math. Studies even show that
children who play instruments are able to complete complex mathematical
problems better than children who do not play instruments.

Students who commit themselves to learning an instrument may also learn many
other skills that help them perform better and achieve higher academic grades in
school. It takes a considerable amount of patience to practice, and children who
apply the same patience to doing schoolwork will have an advantage over those
who don’t. Fine motor skills are also improved by playing musical instruments.

Here at Elite Music Academy we offer many Summer Music Camp Programs as
well as Private Lessons where you can learn to play all instruments from our
amazing musical instructors.

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