July 26, 2022

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

The Saxophone and its Benefits

Whether you’re interested in taking the first steps in becoming a saxophonist or are looking to master your skills, there is so much to gain from learning this amazing musical instrument.

The saxophone offers a new way to experience music. Anyone, regardless of age, can learn to play this instrument, and do so in a fun, meaningful way.

Here are some benefits gained when playing:

1. Better Breathing

In order to learn and play the saxophone, we must become skilled with our breathing. We must be able to blow air, vibrate the reed and ultimately produce the intended sound. If we run out of air to blow, our saxophone will stop producing sound. Diaphragmatic (belly) breathing helps us
improve our overall breathing. Breath control, ranging from relaxed and open inhalations to sharp, explosive exhales, gives our lungs a good workout and strengthens our respiratory system.

2. Focus and Concentration

Once someone learns how to play the saxophone, they will also learn how important it is for them not only to listen carefully but also pay attention when they’re playing music with other musicians or performing on stage in front of an audience. This will help them build their
concentration skills while also helping them become better listeners who are able to focus more easily on what others are saying/doing around them during social interactions or group activities such as work meetings/discussions (etc).

Introduces you to the “Language” of Music

Music can tell a story. And the saxophone is one of the most evocative instruments you can play.

It’s no coincidence that so many of the great jazz musicians have been able to connect with their audience through the saxophone. The instrument is capable of invoking a number of emotions and feelings in both the player and listener.

By learning how to play this particular dialect of “musical language,” we can expand our understanding of music and ourselves as well as connect with others more deeply than ever before.

Overall, learning how to play the saxophone can have many benefits for both children and adults alike. At the Elite Music Academy we provide lessons which you can take in our Studio, Online, or in the comfort of your own home! Sign up today!

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