August 31, 2015

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

The Top 8 Videos from Toronto Music Camp 2015

2015 ushered in the 10th anniversary of Toronto Music Camp – and just happened to be one of the best summers to date. Every year we are blown away by these talented campers and their stunning ability to create an original group sound and apply it to their selected song – in less than a week. This year, we structured camp a little differently to try and cultivate that group-feel as early as possible.

Every year we recap the summer with a list of top 5 music videos. This year, picking 5 was too difficult. As was picking 6 or 7; we settled on a list of 8 top videos – and even that was hard. All of the campers did an incredible job, worked hard and created lasting memories. We were thrilled to get to be a part of it all with them. Here are 8 great videos from Toronto Music Camp 2015.

  1. Can’t Explain by The Who, covered by Union Jack. Audience and instructors alike were blown away by this group. Maybe we can’t explain, but with great vocals, excellent timing and great instrumentation, the Union Jack nailed this one. Even the video captured that 60’s essence with some antics in the park.
  2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You by Led Zepplin, covered by The Jammers. The band had a great classic rock sound, which is one of the reasons they wound up on the list. Coupled with the singer’s breathy, raspy voice, this band managed to merge an unexpected jazzy quality with the very core of classic rock and roll.
  3. Mysterious Ways by U2, covered by Saucy Deep Fried and The Unsure Chum. Definitely stealing the title for the best band name of the summer (and we’re still wondering which band member was the unsure chum), this group pulled off the ever-complex U2 sound fantastically. Covering one of U2’s signature 80s pop-rock tunes, Saucy Deep Fried and The Unsure Chum did it great justice, right down to the guitar solo.
  4. I Wanna Dance with Somebody, by Whitney Houston, covered by Breakfast and the Lunchables. With a tip of the hat to the late great Whitney, this foodie band took an iconic 80s pop song and made it seriously rock. We love that the singer kept true to Whitney’s style and was so well suited for the challenge of covering Whitney’s notoriously wide vocal range.
  5. Sweet Dreams (are Made of These) by The Eurythmics and Beyonce covered by Black Ice. While Sweet Dreams (are Made of These) by The Eurythmics and Sweet Dreams by Beyonce are two songs that have similar names, the similarities end there. You wouldn’t know it with this cleverly compiled mashup. Black Ice delivered these songs with great harmony, round singing and exceptional timing that made this medley fantastic.
  6. Say It Ain’t So by Wheezer covered by The Cancerous Cigars. This band brought the 90’s to life. They took an iconic post-grunge band and covered it with their own unique sound. A sound that evokes a 90’s indie coffeehouse feel. With soulful singing and a harmonic indie sound complete with a surprise saxophone, The Cancerous Cigars nailed both the 90’s vibe and this 90’s song.
  7. What You Need by Inxs covered by The Creative Process. The Creative Process did have what we need – a saxophone, flawless harmony and overall brilliant sound. Covering the funky-pop-rock sound of Inxs is not something everyone can do successfully, but The Creative Process left nothing to be desired, capturing that Inxs feel perfectly.
  8. Highway to Hell by AC/DC covered by Burning River. The most junior group of the summer did an excellent job keeping up with the older groups, which is why they’re on our list. Their cover of Highway to Hell was a quality we usually see with the older campers – right down to the guitar solo. The song is well timed, the instrumentation is exceptional and the vocalist surprises with a surprising vibrato.

With so many talented kids and teens and the inspiring dedication of TMC’s music teachers, it’s getting more and more difficult to pick top videos. There are so many remarkable moments and achievements that happen every week in camp. We are grateful to be a part of the journey for these young rock stars, and we keep it going year round. If your child is missing rock camp, it might time to sign them up for our Rock Bands here. If your child is missing vocal camp, check out the Glee Club.

We hope to see all of you back at Toronto Music Camp next summer!

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