August 30, 2016

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

Top 8 Hits from Toronto Music Camp 2016

It seems like every year we’re expanding this list to cover more of the incredible talent that comes through the Toronto Music Camp every year. For these videos, five simply wasn’t enough. Eight really isn’t either, but we had to draw the line somewhere.

We can wax sentimental about the jaw-dropping talent that graces the stage at The Fox and Fiddle every summer, but we’ll just let you see for yourself with this list of the top 8 music videos from Toronto Music Camp 2016:

1. Witchy Woman by The Eagles, performed by No Crust. Everything about this song presented challenges that No Crust easily overcame. From singing in four-part harmony to the excellent bass and guitar, this cover easily captures the haunting mood of this classic rock Halloween staple.

2. Just Don’t Know by DEVITO. We love it when original compositions make our list, but it’s even cooler when the band is mostly comprised of younger members. Devito (not to be confused with the actor that graces their poster) crafted a perky rock song that highlighted all of their talents. The song is a catchy earworm at that, a feat even famous musicians don’t always manage.

3. Sweet Sour by Band of Skulls, performed by Zip Zap Ken. This cover is just about right on the money. You can have fun listening to Zip Zap Ken’s version and then the Band of Skulls version. The drums, guitar, keys and bass were all spot on, and Zip Zap Ken added a spunkier vocalist to the mix – not to mention a rockin’ guitar solo.

4. I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles, performed by Punkattz. Covering a song in a different style can be challenging for even professional musicians. Leave it to a Toronto Music Camp band to shake things up with a peppy but punky rendition of this Beatles classic. They held the original song together quite well, while keeping it pure punk – with a bit of sass from the young singer.

5. You Got It by Roy Orbison, performed by Five Dollar Footlong. We can’t quite put our finger on why, but Five Dollar Footlong really brings this classic to life. They are naturals in the studio, and the band clearly works well together. Sometimes it’s the energy of the group, the confidence and the chemistry together that makes great playing really pop out – and that seems to be the case with Five Dollar Footlong.

6. Time to Win by Down with Webster, performed by Eazy Street. This larger-than-average ensemble found the perfect song to fit all of their styles and instruments in. This is a jazzy, funky, saxed-up rock-rap smash. The song draws out their different styles and puts them together in a memorable blend that will be on our personal playlists.

7. Rehab from Amy Winehouse, performed by The Do Re Memes. The Do Re Memes do an excellent job of capturing the soulful jazz-fused pop smash Rehab. With a soulful singer, excellent keys, sax, bass and guitar, this cover definitely stands out as one of the most memorable of the summer.

8. When I Grow Up from Matilda the Musical performed by Ba Bam. This quartet of young singers were the perfect pick for showcasing our Voice Camp talent this summer. With sweet harmonies and solos that showcase their individual voices, Ba Bam’s cover of When I Grow Up is sweet, nostalgic and hopeful.

With summer coming to a close and school starting up again, we’re excited to look back on all of the great memories made at Toronto Music Camp this year. We hope to see all of you back next year!

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