March 2, 2021

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What Are the Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn?

While there are many different musical instruments to choose from, if you haven’t learned how to play an instrument before or want to start a new one, you may want to know what the easiest musical instruments to learn are. There are many to choose from, and one of the easiest is the piano. You can choose to learn how to play on your own or you can decide to take private music lessons in Toronto.

The following are the easiest musical instruments to learn based on experience and feedback from our students:

  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Violin
  • Electronic keyboards
  • Recorder
  • Classical guitar

This is a list of instruments that people generally find easier to learn. If you have an interest in a different instrument, however, you may find that learning how to play that is easier than the ones listed above. Most people find it easier to learn how to play an instrument that they are interested in learning so keep that in mind when making your final choice.

Piano Lessons

Learn how to express yourself creatively in many different ways by learning how to play the piano with online piano lessons in Toronto. Many people view the piano as the best instrument to start with since it has a wide range and is very versatile. Most types of music can be played on the piano including country, jazz, popular, traditional and classical. 

Learning how to play the piano provides a number of physiological and physical advantages. It can help with focus, memory and concentration while at the same time developing fine motor skills. It’s a relaxing and calming way to express yourself musically and can help relieve stress. Both adults and children can learn to play and it is a great first start if you are new to playing an instrument.

Drums – Online Drum Lessons Toronto

This is a percussion instrument and you can decide to learn how to play either at our music facility or with online drum lessons in Toronto. Online lessons are perfect for people that have a busy lifestyle and really can’t take the time to commute back and forth for lessons. You can learn how to play drums online or if you already have basic skills you can learn how to develop them to become more skilled.

Drums are the oldest type of instruments and it is well-researched and documented that playing the drums can help relieve stress and frustration. Learning how to play teaches you how to take complex tax and break them down into parts that are more manageable. It will help develop your coordination and timing and you’ll need to remain focused while playing. You won’t be able to concentrate on things that are bothering you and can work out your stress actively. Drums are great for beginners since you’ll find that it won’t take long before you can sit down and follow the beat of your favourite tunes as you play along to them.

Violin – Online Violin Lessons Toronto

The violin is a good starting point for beginners that are interested in learning how to play any type of stringed instrument. It is perfect for children since they can reach use their tiny hands easily to create the sound. Online violin lessons in Toronto also give adults the opportunity to scratch something else off their bucket list. Many people have always wanted to learn how to play the violin but never got the opportunity.

The violin helps to improve discipline, concentration and coordination. It also requires a lot of balance and strength to remain in the proper position for a long time. Playing the violin helps to build up physical strength in the shoulders and upper arm muscles. You’ll improve your dexterity and if you have a problem multitasking, you may just find that playing the violin will help you improve in this area.

Online Violin Lessons Toronto, Online Piano Lessons Toronto, Online Drum Lessons Toronto


Electronic Keyboard – Online Keyboard Lessons

While playing the electronic keyboard is much like playing the piano, there are some major differences. An electronic keyboard is something that can fit more easily into a home or an apartment. A lot of people that want to learn how to play the piano simply don’t have access to this large instrument and that is where the electronic keyboard fits the bill perfectly.

An electronic keyboard allows you to use different instrument sounds and synthesize with different tones. The sounds are created electronically and this instrument can keep young children fascinated for extended periods of time. As with the piano, a variety of different musical genres can be played and once you have learned one song you can easily modify it to make it sound completely different. When you have always wanted to play the piano but don’t have one, a portable keyboard is a great option.

Recorder – Online Recorder Lessons

This is the best when instrument to get started with. It’s perfect for anyone that doesn’t have the means to invest a lot of money in a first instrument since they are very affordable. When you first start to learn how to play the recorder you’ll need to find out how to Place your tongue, how to coordinate your fingers and learn how to control your breathing. This is multitasking at its finest and once you learn how to do it properly, you’ll feel like a master performer.

If you’ve always wanted to play a wind instrument but didn’t know exactly how to get started, consider taking recorder lessons. It is a great first start and you’ll discover whether you want to continue to learn how to play other wind instruments. Once you know for sure that you’d like to move forward with wind instruments, you may find that you have more certainty in terms of spending more for a different instrument.

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