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What to Do When Your Kid Doesn’t Want to Practice

Music Lessons Kids TorontoLearning how to play a guitar, violin, piano or any musical instrument requires dedication and practice. Kids lose interest in practicing for a variety of reasons: a lack of focus, frustration with their progress, and the inability to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is the goal of playing music. Kids often expect immediate gratification and this is a sure way to be disappointed. It is essential to keep the goal in mind and realize that it takes time to get there. One does not become a great musician overnight. Here are a few useful tips a parent can use to his or her budding rock star inspired.

Making Practice Habitual

Kids are usually excited when they start music lessons but the initial enthusiasm often wanes once they realize learning a musical instrument requires work. It is important to setup and maintain a regular practice schedule to get the most out of a music lesson. Practicing 15 to 30 minutes a day, or longer, several days a week, produces the best results. Kids are more inspired to practice when they see the actual results and benefits of practicing. Guitar lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, and drum lessons only have the desired results if the student practices. A regular practice schedule helps to make practicing habitual so that it feels less like a chore.

Working on Specific Songs

One of the best ways to keep students inspired and interested is to cater the lessons to the particular interests and goals of the student. Playing songs by, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Mumford and Sons, or Alison Kraus just to name a few, is a way for a student to have fun and learn at the same time. Music instructors are happy to help the student to learn songs by the particular artists or groups they are interested in.

Make a Recording

Recording is an eye opening experience for a couple of reasons. It provides a critical perspective on one’s playing and abilities. Working in a recording studio is a very different experience from practicing or playing a live gig. Recording a song promotes a sense of self-confidence and pride. Students can book a recording session at Elite Music Academy with our professional recording engineers.

Toronto Music Camp & Rock Band Course

Practicing is not an end in itself. It is a means to a goal. The goal is to create music with others. Creating music with others is one of the most rewarding experiences a musician can have. Playing and performing with other musicians is a perfect way to have fun and develop your skills at the same time. Elite Music Academy sponsors the Toronto Music Camp for kids and teenagers. The Rock Camp provides an excellent opportunity for young musicians to play and perform together. Another option is to enroll in the Rock Band Course that is offered in the fall and winter.

Attending Live Performances.

One of the greatest sources of musical inspiration is seeing musicians perform. The musical instructors at Elite Music Academy play a variety of gigs in the Toronto area. This provides a great opportunity to see their teachers in a live setting demonstrating the musical ideas and concepts they have been discussing during their music lessons.

What to Do When Your Kid Doesn’t Want to Practice

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