July 12, 2022

Elite Music Academy in Toronto

Why You Should Learn To Play The Piano!

The piano is a wonderful instrument that mesmerizes audiences, moves
new generations with its melodious tunes, and expresses human feelings.
This ubiquitous instrument is a key part in the history of music. Delicate,
elegant, and pleasing – the piano is a beautiful instrument to listen to, but
did you know that aside from its lovely melodious tunes it has many
benefits and skills one can learn and acquire when learning to play.

When taking piano lessons, learning to play can help you acquire many
positive benefits. Musically you’ll gain an understanding of pitch, rhythm,
and tempo—and how they work together to create music. You’ll develop
your ear for pitch and tone quality. You’ll learn how to read music and
communicate musical ideas through written notation.
When you play the piano, you’re making music with your hands and fingers.
You’re also learning about how sounds are produced by different
combinations of notes—and what makes some sounds more pleasing than
others. In other words, you’re developing your sense of sound through
And the best part is that when you learn these skills on piano, they transfer
over into other areas in life as well.

Here are five important benefits you receive while playing the piano:

  • It improves your motor skills.
  • It increases your memory capacity and ability to focus on tasks.
  • It improves your spatial reasoning skills, which makes you more capable
    of solving problems (such as with math).
  • It teaches you how to think critically and solve problems creatively, which
    will help you succeed at school and in your future career.
  • It teaches you discipline and patience, which will help you succeed in
    any endeavor!

At the Elite Music Academy we want more than just these tangible skills!
We want our students to gain intangible benefits as well—like confidence,
discipline, and concentration—so we make sure that every lesson provides

the best lessons where our students can get creative with their musical
abilities and explore what else music has to offer them beyond just learning
how to play an instrument.

We offer personalized piano lessons in our studio, online, and even in the
comfort of your own home. Sign up today!

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