January 27, 2013

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Yamaha Classical Guitars – Toronto

Start your classical guitar lessons off right with Yamaha. We offer the lowest prices on classical guitars in Toronto – guaranteed!

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Yamaha Classical Guitars: Four Flavors of Excellence

All four lines of Yamaha’s classical guitars are hand-crafter by luthiers in Japan and China. The Yamaha GC, CS, CG, and C classical acoustic lines capitalize on decades-long experience of molding the finest tonewoods into all solid wood instruments. Yamaha classical guitars come in two rich tones – the cheery resonances of cedar or the deep harmonics of solid-top spruce construction. Whether you’re considering the 3/4 scale CS Yamaha classical guitar or the spruce-necked C70, there’s something for every budget and skill level within Yamaha’s wheelhouse of classical acoustics.
C Class

Just as Mercedes-Benz recently uncorked its C class line of automobiles, Yamaha provides high craftsmanship and affordable pricing with their C line of classical acoustics. The C line from Yamaha includes the C40, C70 and C80. The Yamaha C40 classical acoustic is perhaps the most sturdily built classical acoustic at its price point. The Yamaha C40 is spruce-topped and it comes furnished with a rosewood fingerboard. The back and sides are meranti tonewood and the entire instrument is glossed, which gives the C40 an understated, elegant look. The C70 and C80 both come with rosewood fingerboards and spruce tops, but the C70 and C80 are string-scaled at 650mm and furnished with an ample fretboard width. The C80 and the C40 are equally good fits for beginners!Uniqueness and Heritage 

The Yamaha GC line of classical guitars features both the GC82S and the GC82C. Can you guess the cedar top from the spruce top instrument? If you guessed that the “S” in GC82S corresponded to the cedar-topped instrument, then you’re correct! The GC82S incorporates a German spruce solid-plate design as well as Spanish-inspired craftsmanship. The GC82S is noted for superb resonance, which makes the GC82S ideal for concert halls and larger venues. That said, the GC42S offers a more bright sound than the GC82S thanks to the GC42S’ construction. The neck of the GC42S is ebony mahogany and the back and sides are solid madagascar rosewood. All of Yamaha’s classical guitars in the GC line come with semi-hardshell cases! Perhaps toting your GC42S, with semi-hardshell case, to the nearest guitar studio for a guitar lesson is the only thing left to do!

CG is Coming to Town! 

The CG lineup of classic guitars features the widest selection of any of Yamaha’s classical guitar lines. The CG classical guitars are designed for concert resonance: the CGs feature thinner sides and back for more precise notes, but without sacrificing sumptuous amplification. All of the CG instruments have thinner necks to deliver a more precise and balanced tone. Yamaha itself calls the CG102 classical guitar its most affordably priced, yet rich-toned, classical guitar for beginners.

CG102 for the Win

The CG102 shares many design influences with the Yamaha C line of classical guitars. The CG102 has a nato neck, rosewood fingerboard, industry standard 650mm string scale, and spruce top. As with all Yamaha classical acoustic guitars, expert craftsmanship is married to solid-wood materials and an aesthetic gloss finish. The CG102 has competent ratings from GuitarCenter.com. The CG102 would be the perfect complement to guitar lessons for the beginner looking to improve her chops.


The CG111C is darker in appearance than the CG102 because the CG111C is drenched in a solid cedar top. Although the back and sides of the CG111C are nato, the fingerboard and bridge are solid rosewood. As the name of the CG111C hints at, the CG111C features a solid cedar top with, of course, a beautiful gloss finish. The CG111C looks great, comes with an affordable price tag, and promises Yamaha signature precision and control. The CG131S has the same warm tone as the CG111C, but the CG131S is a Sitka spruce-topped instrument, which lends the CG111C a richer, more bright sound.

Sound of Music

The CG line of classical acoustics is perhaps the deepest lineup of quality classical guitars anywhere. Most classical acoustics come with the option of spruce or cedar, but Yamaha’s time-tested heritage and commitment to excellence pervades all four classes of classical guitars.

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