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Yamaha Electric Acoustic Guitars – Toronto

Yamaha Electric Electro Acoustic Guitars TorontoStart your guitar lessons off right with a Yamaha electric acoustic guitar. We’ve got the best deals on guitars in Toronto!

Buy Yamaha Electro Acoustic Guitars Toronto

If you’re unfamiliar with our Toronto guitar lessons, you might think that playing an acoustic guitar means you’ll never play with an amplified sound.Not true! Yamaha and other makers of quality acoustic guitars offer many varieties of electric acoustic guitars that work well as standard acoustic guitars, but also can be plugged in and amplified for room-filling sound. An electric acoustic enables the intimacy that comes with a standard acoustic guitar while allowing the guitarist to also play with a band and not have the sound overwhelmed by other instruments.

When taking guitar lessons for the first time, there are many types of electric acoustic guitars from Yamaha Canada and other manufacturers that work very well and are at very affordable price points. They range from laminated-body designs to solid-top guitars that have excellent tonal qualities as well as outstanding resonance and intonation. For about $300, a beginning guitar student can purchase a Yamaha electric acoustic guitar that will hold its value relatively well while also providing an excellent instrument upon which to learn. And when ready for more professional playing, the entry-level Yamaha guitars offer excellent performance capabilities, making them outstanding bridges into professional-quality electric acoustic guitars.

Popular Model for Beginners

When choosing a Yamaha electric acoustic guitar for a beginner, several factors should be considered, including quality, cost and playability. In the case of Yamaha entry-level guitars, each one is made to professional standards by established guitar makers around the world. The entry-level guitars generally are made with laminate tops and might have rosewood fingerboards sides and backs and make for wonderful instruments when taking guitar lessons for the first time. Instead of being slowed down by a guitar that might have issues with its frets, a misshapen neck and potentially bad sound and tonal qualities, every Yamaha electric acoustic guitar is a professional-quality instrument that will enhance and enable learning to play the guitar rather than hamper it.

Among the more popular and affordable models for beginners are the Yamaha APXT2, which comes in a choice of finishes and has a spruce top, Meranti back and sides, a hardwood neck and a rosewood fingerboard. The model is a 3/4-size guitar that fits well in the arms and hands of younger students while producing excellent sound and tones. The guitar is modelled after the very popular Yamaha APX500II, which is one of the company’s best sellers. The APXT2 fits very well in small hands, which makes them ideal for youthful learners. It also has an ART-based preamp and System 68 electronics when needing to use it with a PA system or amplifier.

Yamaha A Series Electric Acoustic Guitars

Many beginning guitarists also find the Yamaha A Series to be ideal instruments upon which to learn and eventually perform. The A Series is the first U.S.-designed line of electric acoustic guitars for Yamaha and intended for new guitarists as well as professionals. The guitars have dreadnought-style bodies, solid tops and new SRT pickup systems. The top wood is either Sitka spruce or Hawaiian KOA, and the fingerboards are rosewood. The tonal and resonance qualities are far beyond what many would expect from guitars at the price point for which the A Series of electric acoustic guitars can be bought. And the necks are slim and very playable, making it much easier to practice and improve when taking a guitar lesson.

APX Series for Skilled Beginners and Professionals

Yamaha’s APX Series of electric acoustic guitars offer beginners as well as professionals a platform from which flawless sounds can be played. The entire series of guitars are known for having a high level of craftsmanship while also being very friendly for the learning guitarist who might be taking his or her first guitar lesson. Each is equipped with a spruce solid top, Nato neck, rosewood bridge and fingerboard and ART-based preamp, System 68 electronics and an imminently playable string setup. The bodies are a special thin-line series that make them easier for smaller and younger guitarists to practice and become skilled professionals. Their price point is very friendly to family budgets as well as for budding musicians.

FGX & FSX Guitars for Students and Others

Built with a dreadnought-style body and solid top made of spruce, the FGX and FSX Series of electric acoustic guitars from Yamaha offer truly professional performance and in many ways all the guitar a student or experienced professional ever would need. Students will find its highly playable neck and sound qualities to be ideal for guitar lessons while professionals will appreciate the craftsmanship as well as highly capable electronics that make the instruments stand out even when accompanied by an amplified band. Some of the guitars are smaller versions of the others, making them better candidates for guitar students taking their first guitar lessons. Others are full-sized and professional quality, which enables them to fulfill a wide variety of uses while also being relatively affordable. Advanced fingerpicking styles and techniques work well with these guitars.

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Yamaha Electric Acoustic Guitars – Toronto

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