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Yamaha Electric Guitars – Toronto

Start your electric guitar lessons off right with Yamaha. We have the lowest prices on electric guitars in Toronto – guaranteed!


Buy Yamaha Electric GuitarStyle Meets Integrity: A Look at Yamaha Electric Guitars

The electric guitar offerings from Yamaha are based on time-tested excellence and a dedication to superior craftsmanship. Yamaha electric guitars come in timeless designs, like the classic cutaway, humbucker pickups motif of the electric AES line or the sleek, stratocaster-like Yamaha Pacifica line of electric guitars. Signature model Yamaha Pacifica electric guitars, though, really push the envelope. The Mike Stern Signature Model (Pacifica1511MS) aims to combine the aesthetics of a beautiful maple fingerboard with the versatility of playing jazz, rock, or fusion on one masterful instrument.

Riding the Pacifica

The Yamaha Pacifica is designed to accommodate many genres. The bolt-on construction and PU configuration promise to retain the harmonic qualities of every note while preserving the integrity of certain tones. For instance, Yamaha Pacifica electric guitars can run through a fuzz box pedal or receive some warm, chunky natural overdrive from a Fender Twin Reverb, yet maintain crisp notes the entire time.

Pacifica VMX and PAC311H

The Pacifica VMX brings many innovative features to the table, including: maple fingerboard, coil tap capabilities, and Alnico V Pickups. The action on the Pacifica VMX is low and the Alnico V Pickups are sensitive enough to pick up every note in extremely complex licks. The Pacifica VMX features four humbucker pickups, two of which are located near the guitar’s bridge and whammy bar. The whammy bar, or tremolo bar, itself is a “block saddle type vintage” design that delivers seamless sustain and harmonically rich tones.

The PAC311H

The Yamaha Pacifica PAC311H has the looks and dynamics of the PAC611HFM, yet the PAC311H is more affordably priced. The pickups of the PAC311H are custom-wound and the construction is pure tonewood. Considering the maple neck, high-quality Grover locking tuners, bolt-on construction, and P-90 pickups, there’s no excuse to pass up this beautiful powerhouse of a guitar. The PAC311H comes with 22 frets and, unlike less well-designed instruments, registers every note all the way down! Like most models in the Yamaha Pacifica line, the PAC311H is ideal for powerhouse distortion or jazzy riffs.

AES: Beauty and Clarity

The AES line of Yamaha electric guitars effortlessly bridges style and quality. A takeoff on the exorbitantly priced Gibson ES-355, the AES is more comfortably priced, yet it comes with a carved top, upgraded bridge, and brawny “C” necks. The AES class of Yamaha electric guitars comes in two incarnations – AES1500 and AES1500B. The AES1500B is Yamaha’s love letter to rockabilly and vintage country twang. The AES1500B features a Bigsby B-6 Tremolo bar, extremely competent DiMarzio pickups, as well as a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The AES1500 aims for the classic American archtop construction, perhaps a la Gretsch electrics. The AES1500 surpasses any Gretsch, though, in its versatility: rock, country, jazz, and fusion are all possible on the AES1500. The pickups on the AES1500 can be coil split; the bridge on the AES1500 even comes as Tune-O-Matic standard bridge.

Leaving a Good Thing Alone

Many of the Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar offerings have remained an industry standard for affordability, durability, aesthetics, and tonality for decades. Since the 1990s, for example, the PAC611HFM has had a Jazzmaster-like design married to beautiful maple and rosewood construction. PAC611HFM Yamaha electric guitars are approximately 14 inches in radius and the scale length is a relatively conventional 25.5 inches. The PAC611HFM does the key things well: the PAC611HFM comes with Grover locking tuners, Hardtail bridge, Seymour Duncan pickups, and a three position level switch.

To Pacifica and Beyond!

Yamaha electric guitars almost single-handedly carry the baton for high quality instruments at affordable price points. The Yamaha Pacifica line of electric guitars combine maple and rosewood construction with inspiring aesthetics.

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Yamaha Electric Guitars – Toronto

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