February 4, 2013

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Yamaha Nylon Electric Guitars – Toronto

Start your guitar lessons off right with a Yamaha guitar. Elite Music has the lowest prices on nylon electric guitars in Toronto – guaranteed!


Buy Yamaha Nylon Electric Guitars

Yamaha’s Nylon Electric Guitars: A Jam for All Seasons

In a similar vein as Yamaha’s electric bass guitars, Yamaha’s nylon electric guitars come in four offerings: NTX, GCX, CGX, and NCX. Most of the nylon electric guitars in Yamaha’s wheelhouse offer low action, cutaway bodies, and inspired aesthetics. In addition, Yamaha’s nylon electric guitars incorporate acoustic resonance transducers that reduce feedback and enhance playing dynamics. By combining award-winning acoustic resonance transducers (pickup and preamp system) with thinner-bodied instruments and responsive bracing, Yamaha’s nylon electric guitars are not to be missed!

NX Series

The NX series nylon electric instruments are designed with versatility and contemporary aesthetics in mind. NX Series guitars have thinner bodies, more slender necks, and patented cutaway design to furnish players with nearly infinite tonal options. Yamaha justifiably claims that nylon electric guitars in the NX Series can tackle any genre, including: jazz, pop, rock, country, and latin music.

NTX1200R You Ready?

For warm, nylon tone, the NTX1200R can’t be bested. The NTX1200R combines rosewood back and sides with low action to bring out the creamy flavors of a nylon instrument. The 90mm body depth enhances the NTX1200R’s responsiveness and seamless resonance. Although the NTX1200R’s cousin, the NTX1200FM (flamed maple finish), has a different aesthetic, both instruments come with award-winning acoustic resonance transducers and knee-bending tone.

Acoustic Resonance Transducer

Yamaha claims to employ acoustic resonance transducers in nylon and steel-stringed guitars for a twofold purpose – to reduce feedback and to augment the guitar’s natural dynamics. The acoustic resonance transducer pickup and preamp system was specifically created by Yamaha to capture the original tone and harmonics of nylon strings. The ART system 61 is a tripartite design intended to enable the warm tones of nylon-stringed instruments to shine through at any venue.

The acoustic resonance transducer system works well under both flamenco and fingerpicking styles. The ART system 61 forgoes the problem of most pickup and preamp configurations, namely allowing too much body sound to come through, which creates unwholesome feedback. The ART system 61, which is standard on Yamaha NX nylon electric instruments, comes with two pickups to catch the highs and lows; in addition, the ART system 61 includes an internal damper that modulates undesirable vibrations and feedback.


Like the NTX line of nylon electrics, the CGX guarantees flexibility across genres and ample amplification in an acoustic-electric setup. The CGX nylon electrics come in two flavors – CGX171CCA and CGX101A. The former features a gorgeous cedar top and rosewood back and sides. In addition, the CGX171CCA features a two-way piezo pickup system, which includes a condenser microphone!

The CGX101A, alternatively, marries the more traditional tone and style of a conventional classical guitar with a one-way preamp system. Each versions of the CGX offers something different. The cutaway design in tandem with the two-way piezo pickup system of the CGX171CCA, though, guarantees superb amplification and tone, especially on the higher frets. The same integrity comes through on the CGX101A but, because the CGX101A is not a cutaway, the resonance is slightly different.

The GCX line is inspired by the GC line of unamplified Yamaha acoustics, except that the GCX nylon electrics and are handcrafted by Japanese luthiers from choice tonewood. The GCX31C features a three-band system with an onboard microphone and equalizer. The GCX31C also includes a cedar body and rosewood fingerboard. The gooseneck construction and expect craftsmanship of the GCX31C make this nylon acoustic-electic the perfect complement to professional music lessons. The GCX31C is everything you would ever need in an acoustic-electric: the warm tone of a nylon instrument, cutting-edge features, and jaw-dropping resonance.

No Worries with Yamaha

Yamaha’s acoustic-electric nylon guitars are so well-designed and expertly crafted that durability or playability concerns shouldn’t really factor into your decision to take your music to the next level!

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