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March 3, 2013

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Yamaha SILENT Guitars™ – Toronto

Plug it at your guitar lesson or practice in silence. We provide the lowest prices on Yamaha SILENT™ Guitars in Toronto!


Toronto Yamaha Silent Guitars

The Ins and Outs of Yamaha’s SILENT™ Guitars

Yamaha has been producing exquisite acoustic guitars for over forty years. Yamaha acoustics are offered at a host of price points and styles, but the commonality tends to be authentic tonewood composites and high durability. The SILENT™ guitar line from Yamaha shows that the company can innovate as well. Although silent guitars aren’t specific to any one skill level, they are especially well-suited to those who need to practice in a sound sensitive environment.  Their lightweight design is also great for portability to guitar lessons or gigs.

Silent Guitar?

The Yamaha SILENT™ guitar is a solid or chambered-body guitar that turns string vibrations into electric current via a piezoelectric preamp and pickup system. In other words, the body of a SILENT™ guitar does not convert string vibrations into sound.  The advantage of this, is that one can attain an acoustical tone without feedback using amplification.Steve Vai contributor, Mattias Eklundh, employs a Yamaha SILENT™ acoustic for such a purpose: Eklundh attains a highly resonant acoustical tone without suffering through the feedback that normally accompanies acoustical preamp amplification.

Yamaha SLG

Yamaha offers four SLG line SILENT™ acoustics. The flagship model is the regular SLG SILENT™ acoustic guitar. According to Yamaha, the SLG aims to bridge modern-day mechanics with mobility and practicality. The SLG has a preamp system embedded behind the guitar’s bridge. Also, in lab studies the SLG produced 1/10th the sound amplitude of full-bodied acoustics. Taken together, the SLG’s preamp system complements the unique shape of the SLG to deliver high resonance and mobility. The SLG can be played anywhere!

SLG130NW and SLG110N

Both the SLG130NW and SLG110N incorporate the characteristics of traditional classical acoustics, which feature more slender fretboards. The SLG130NW’s frame is constructed out of rosewood and maple. The fingerboard on the SLG130NW is ebony and the scale length is a traditional 650 mm in size. The preamp system offers a master control over bass, treble and reverb effect. The light amber burst of the SLG130NW looks tastefully understated as well.The SLG110N features a slimmer neck and low action, which allows aggressive attacks. The SLG110N comes in three finishes. Whichever style you select, the SLG110N will marry durability and performance: the body is maple and the fingerboard is rosewood. The SLG110N has similar master controls to the SLG130NW. Both the SLG110N and SLG130NW have a depth of 49mm, which enhances portability.


The SLG110S is a stylistic departure from the SLG110N in that the SLG110S has a visibly tapered neck. Although the scale length is an expected 634 mm in size, the SLG110S’s neck is mahogany and the fingerboard is constructed from hand-selected rosewood. Yamaha claims that the SLG110S is tailored for both acoustic and electric guitar players who want to achieve amplified, acoustic tone without skimping on harmonic integrity.

Four SILENT™ Guitars

The soldering of modern-day mechanics to convenient acoustical bodies is here to stay in the form of SILENT™ guitars. In many ways, SILENT™ guitars are the ideal practice instruments. Beginners can strum without the embarrassment of others tuning into their practice sessions while professionals can practice all day and night without upsetting their neighbors.

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