November 22, 2021

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Can I Sing? – Featured Article from Music School Toronto | Elite Music

“Can I sing?” This is a question many of my students ask me at our first lesson together. Piano students don’t often ask if they have the ‘capability to play’ the piano. Guitar students rarely ask if they ‘have the talent’ required for the instrument. Yet, I have seen in my music lessons in Toronto, voice students often feel the need to ask if they have what it takes to be a singer. It appears, folks who wish to learn how to sing may have a misconception that they need a special gift, or the “It” factor, (whatever that is), in order to be worthy of sharing their singing voice. I think this misconception of being musically gifted feeds from reality singing shows and stories of people that sing incredibly well and with no training. For example, some people may wonder, “If Michael Jackson sounded like that at 8 years old, how could I ever be a singer? I’m too far behind!” This way of thinking can be discouraging and could prevent someone from pursuing their passion. 

As a teacher, I have met many students of all ages who have tragically told me “I don’t like my voice”, yet they still want to sing, but they only do it in secret! Singers can exist everywhere, and this can include people that prefer to save their singing for the shower, the car, or for a time when they’re home alone. It is true that for some people, singing comes naturally, but perfection doesn’t exist in the arts. Plus, most of those folks who sing with ease still want to take voice lessons, because techniques can be improved, and tools can be gained from working with a teacher. The reality is, a lot of these singers require help from a music teacher in order to maintain and protect their vocal health, so that they can sing for many years to come. 

Building confidence for Singing Lessons

While I welcome students of all confidence levels to work with me, I address this advice to those shower singers who shrink at the thought of singing in front of someone, or think their voice is their voice and that’s the end of the story – If you can speak, you can sing! If you can sing, you can improve! Humans are born with all the tools required to sing effectively and efficiently. Our bodies are built to support the voice in a variety of uses. Babies are able to scream and cry all day, because their bodies naturally know how to support their voice. As we get older, we get told to quiet down, we face stress, we tense up, and our bodies can forget how to produce sound efficiently. So, with all of those reasons, the tools to sing are still within you, ready to be awakened. 

Expert Voice Trainers in Elite Music

Yes, you can sing! An expert voice tutor will work with you on exercises that remind the body of the abilities it may have forgotten and bring those techniques into a song you already love to sing. With practice and passion, you can reach your singing goals. Whether your goals include doing a performance at a recital, a casual karaoke jam with friends, or serenading your pet, you can rediscover a fondness for your voice, even if you stay in the shower. I believe any of these goals can be achieved through training! The voice is the oldest instrument in the world, and we use it daily – it’s with us all the time. You would be surprised how small the gap is between singing and speaking. Demystify the misconceptions you may have heard about your voice and swing by for an online, in-studio or at home music lesson with me or any of Toronto’s Music School – Elite Music’s highly qualified voice teachers. You’ll soon discover that you can, in fact, sing.

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