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Unparalleled Singing Lessons in Toronto!

Elite Music Academy’s voice lessons will give you the confidence to turn your voice into a work of art! Under the expert guidance of our experienced vocal teachers, students can learn to sing better in the shower, prepare for an upcoming performance, or simply expand their knowledge of singing. Our voice teachers will customize your singing lessons any way you want.

We offer singing lessons in pop, R&B, jazz, and operatic styles. You’re welcome to take a $20 trial lesson to meet the teacher first with no obligation to register.. Our vocal coaches will teach you everything you need to know from how read music, perform voice warm-up techniques, improve your vocal style, and how to sing in harmony.

Our voice teachers prepare students to sing at established venues around Toronto, and we often pair them with other students to learn how to sing with other instruments. Students have the option of booking recording sessions with our professional audio engineer. Voice lessons are capped off each semester with our winter and spring showcases. Kids and teens also love our summer Toronto Music Camp, where students produce a music video every week.

When you search “voice lessons Toronto” and “singing lessons Toronto”, you’ll find hundreds of vocal teachers all claiming to be the best. But Elite Music Academy is the only place to learn singing under the instruction of expert vocal coaches in a friendly, interactive, and supportive environment.

The Best Singing Lessons Toronto Provides

  • Private singing lessons with top-notch vocal teachers
    Our vocal teachers are professional musicians with years of teaching experience.
  • Take a $20 trial singing lesson
    Find the right voice teacher, ask questions, and set goals.
  • Record your voice. Perform around Toronto.
    Record your singing professionally in our studio or show it off on stage.
  • Sing in a band
    Record and perform in our Glee Club, Rock Band or Toronto Music Camp.
  • Fair and affordable
    We’ve got great lesson rates and policies and we’re open 7 days a week.
  • Tidy and professional classrooms
    Our nicely renovated voice studios are equipped with mics and PAs.
  • Safety is our priority
    All our voice instructors must pass a Vulnerable Sector Check.

Singing Lessons Toronto

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Vocal Students of Elite Music Academy

Our Voice Teachers

Colin Frotten Music Teacher

Colin Frotten

A classically-trained pianist and vocalist who is equally at home with pop and musical theatre, Colin will inspire you through an exploration of singing styles, while building technique and musicality. No matter your goals, he will work to lay the foundation for becoming a well-rounded musician and to develop a life-long appreciation for music!

Jacqueline Verellen Singing Lessons Toronto

Jacqueline Verellen

Jacqueline teaches vocals, flute, piano, ukulele, guitar, songwriting, and group classes. Her style includes classical, opera, jazz, theatre, country, pop, and rock! As a recent graduate in Opera performance, a Canada-wide vocal, acting and songwriting winner, Jacqueline ensures you will be equipped with all the tools you need to wow audiences, slay contests and performances, and dabble in all areas of musical expertise!


Sappho Hansen Smythe

Trained in musical theatre, classical voice, and digital music production, Sappho explores all facets of the performing arts.  Discover the limitless nuance of vocal technique, develop laryngeal health for a lifetime of music, and stoke the fire in your heart!

Sarah Caraher Vocalist Toronto

Sarah Caraher

Sarah mixes together equal parts theory and performance work with a touch of silliness to create the perfect recipe for piano and voice students. Sweet with a dash of pizzazz, she loves to inspire a passion for music in beginner students by working on Disney songs, show tunes, and top 40 hits.


Dana Jean Phoenix

Vocalist & Pianist

Breanne Dietrich, Vocalist

Breanne Dietrich

Vocalist & Pianist

Jaclyn Serre Guitar and Singing Lesons

Jaclyn Serre

Singing & Guitar Lessons

Madison Arsenault Singing Piano Lessons Toronto

Madison Arsenault

Vocalist & Pianist

Denielle Bassels: Vocal, Piano and Ukulele Teacher

 Denielle Bassels

Award Winning Jazz, Pop, Musical Theatre Vocalist

Musical Theatre Summer Camp East York TorontoVocal students ages 9-18 will love Toronto’s most anticipated musical theatre summer camp! Starting in 2017, Musical Theatre Camp promises to be the best way for creative and energetic youth to spend a week of their summer singing, dancing, and acting. Our all-star team of amazing Toronto theatre professionals will guide the experience.  Voice students will work to become triple threats in an environment that is fun and supportive but also demands commitment and discipline. The young, budding thespians will collaborate to learn valuable lessons in trust and teamwork. However, our small class sizes ensure that each participant will receive the individual attention they require to accentuate their vocal skills and stage presence. At the end of the week, these young dramatists, comedians, singers, and dancers will astonish their friends and family with an amazing show. This performance will result from the work of each camper’s talent and imagination. The camp and performance will take place at the beautiful Beaches United Church. Camp starts in July, but limited space is available for this popular program, so sign up and sing your heart out!

Top Reasons to Learn to Sing

1. When singing with someone else, your heart rates can sync. How romantic!
2. Singing releases endorphins, which make you feel instantly happier.
3. Singing has the same calming health benefits as yoga, study finds.
4. Singing burns extra calories and increases lung capacity.
5. Singing boosts immune systems and reduces stress levels.
6. Everyone loves a musician who can sing and play at the same time.
7. Singing is easy and natural to learn.
8. Singing is free! There’s no instrument to buy or rent!
9. It’s portable! There’s no need to drag your vocal chords around in a case.
10. You’ll always have the leading role in a band!

Singing Lessons FAQ

How do I chose the right voice teacher?

Personality, experience, and references are very important. Singing like a superstar isn’t everything. Here’s how to chose the right singing teacher.

Will singing lessons make me a competent musician?

Do singing lessons provide the same neurological and psychological benefits as piano lessons?

If I take singing lessons, can I learn to play an instrument too?

Yes! We have voice instructors that also teach piano and guitar.  Here’s a few tips on playing and singing at the same time.

Will I be able to perform anywhere through your music school?

Yes! We’re a performance based music school! Singer-songwriters will also enjoy these five great local open mic venues along The Danforth.

Is it true that it’s never too late to learn to sing?

Adults face different challenges than kids when taking singing lessons for the first time. Here some great tips to succeed.