August 25, 2021

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Learn How to Handle Yawning While Singing with Voice Lessons Toronto

Many people that sing find that they feel like yawning when they are in the middle of the beautiful song. If this happens to you, you’re not alone. The overwhelming desire to yawn while singing can be handled with voice lessons Toronto. There are also a few tips we can give you below to help you deal with this situation so that you can continue singing without a problem.

Why Do I Feel like Yawning When I Am Singing?

There are different causes of this issue including simply being tired. If you find that you are yawning while you are thinking, the first thing to do is to examine how much sleep you go the night before. If you are prone to yawning when you’re tired, you’ll need to examine your sleeping habits and determine the best course of action. Make sure that your singing and doing your voice lessons Toronto after a good night’s sleep.

Another reason why you may be yawning inside your lungs are craving oxygen. If you are taking online voice lessons Toronto and doing your singing at home, be sure to sing in an area that is well ventilated. The room shouldn’t be too hot and there should be decent airflow allowed in.

There are other possible causes for yawning when singing, which may include an iron deficiency, movement of the soft palate or not using the right positioning for your throat during a song.

Soft Palate Movement during a Song

When you are singing, especially when using consonants, your palette moves naturally. You will experience a lifting of the soft palate, which is the same type of movement that you make when you are first starting to yawn. This can treat your brain into thinking that you are in fact starting a yawn and you may be tricked into finishing it. This is a normal problem that many people have to deal with when they are first starting out with voice lessons Toronto but fortunately as you continue practising, the feeling will start to diminish. It’s like you are training your brain to get accustomed to singing versus yawning all the time.

Voice Lessons and an Iron Deficiency

Some people that have an iron deficiency find that they on more than usual even when they aren’t singing. If you are a person that yawns a lot naturally, there is a chance that you may be low on iron. There is a simple blood test you can take to find out if your iron is low and if you are your doctor will recommend iron supplementation. If this is the cause, you’ll find that you’ll be able to get right back to your voice lessons without having to deal with yawning once your iron stores are corrected.

A Yawning Reflex Can Be Caused by an Improper Throat Position

When you position your door properly to sing, this can trigger the yawning reflex. In some cases you need to keep your throat open when singing to prevent a nasal sound during the song. When you open your throat, you may naturally want to yawn. You can even test this for yourself without singing. Try opening your mouth wide and opening your throat. The desire to yawn in this case is quite natural. As you continue on with your voice lessons, however, you’ll find that the need to yawn is greatly reduced since you’ll be showing your brain that opening your throat doesn’t necessarily indicate that he yawn must be produced.

It’s also important to note that this point that there may be other underlying medical reasons for yawning when singing. If you have looked at all the points above and feel that there may be more going on, get it checked out.

How to Handle Yawning with Singing Lessons in Toronto

One thing that you can do to help eliminate yawning before you start singing is to practice your breathing technique. Before you start singing, breathe deeply while relaxing for about 10 minutes. This can help with yawning due to the need for more oxygen in your lungs. You’ll be providing this much needed oxygen ahead of time so that your lungs are better prepared for the singing when it starts.

When you take singing lessons in Toronto you’ll learn the proper way to breathe while singing. You’ll start to take note of other singers and how they are breathing when they sing a song. It’s a good idea to look at you to and find singers that you respect and see how they are breathing and holding longer notes. You can also view rappers that seem to sing endlessly without getting out of breath. You can be sure that all of the singers you are watching have had to learn how to breathe properly when singing in order to be able to control their voice and have it flow naturally.

Taking Breaks and Pauses

It’s important to learn when to take a pauses or a break during a song. Once you learn certain techniques for inhaling and exhaling, it will all start to become natural. When you take singing lessons in Toronto you’ll be asked to practice between your lessons and the more practice you get, the better able you’ll be in terms of controlling your breathing.

At elite music we offer voice lessons Toronto both in our studio and online. We will show you the proper ways to breathe and if you’re having any problems with yawning we can help you sort out the situation. If you have always wanted to sing, now is a great time to get started. 

Whether you are an experienced singer or a beginner, we can help you improve with singing lessons in Toronto. At Elite Music we have professional singers that can help you reach the next level no matter what your starting point may be. Visit our website now at to learn more about the voice lessons and music lessons we provide for a variety of instruments.

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