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Should Students Take the RCM Exam as Part Of Their Lessons?

The Royal Conservatory of Music offers a certificate program that provides students with examinations that they can take at any level. There are a number of different benefits that students will receive by taking these exams and it is recommended that students taking online music lessons take these examinations to enjoy all of the benefits available.

Benefits of Taking the RCM Exam with Music Lessons

The benefits that can be received from taking the RCM exams as part of music lessons stretch far beyond the music training. These benefits can also be seen during daily life since the exams build a foundation for a number of valuable qualities. Here are just some of the many benefits you can expect a child or an adult to receive as a result of taking the exams:

A Feeling of Accomplishment

The RCM exams provide targeted goals so that any student can strive to reach them. There should be milestones along the way as a person studies any subject, and this includes music. When a music student can experience a positive result from an exam and go on to the next lesson, this provides an amazing sense of accomplishment. This is important because it encourages the student to continue on with the lessons in order to reach the next milestone. There must always be something in any field of study that provides this feeling of accomplishment and in the case of music, an RCM exam fits the role perfectly.

Provides a Challenge

The Royal Conservatory of Music exams offers a challenge to students that they must overcome. There is a lot of practice that must go into preparing for the exam and along the way there may be many challenges to face. By encouraging your child to keep working towards passing the exam, you are building up his resilience and ability to persist when challenged. This is just one of the many qualities that can spill over into everyday life when a person is taking online music lessons.

Measures the Progress

A great way to measure the progress of students taking music lessons is to have them take exams along the way. This makes it real to the student that actual progress is being made. Sometimes when things get challenging a student can get very frustrated and start to believe that they haven’t made any progress with their music lessons and that it’s time to give up. By seeing how far they have come in measurable terms, specifically with the exams they have taken, they may become less frustrated and less prone to pack it all in.

A Reason to Celebrate

There should always be more reasons to celebrate in life and passing an exam is certainly one of them. After a person has passed an exam the results can be shared with friends and family members and posted on social media. The person may also want to be rewarded or in the case of an adult reward himself for passing the exam. It’s certainly a day for celebration when you have completed another milestone along the journey towards playing and appreciating music.

More Dedication to Study

Music students taking exams tend to have more dedication to their music studies than those that don’t. They practice more often and the more time spent practicing, the more results can be seen in a faster amount of time. When a person is progressing at a quick rate it can be very rewarding, which makes the person want to continue.

Personalized Feedback

The exam is marked using an accredited examiner. The RCM has a College of Examiners that is responsible for not only deciding whether the student has passed the exam or not but the examiner must also provide valuable feedback. The comments and feedback that are provided are objective in nature and designed to help the student further refine his skills in the area of music.

Great for a Resume

Achievement in music examinations can be provided on a resume as an impressive addition. This not only shows that the individual has made major accomplishments in music but also indicates the following:

  • A commitment to learning
  • Dedication to overcoming obstacles
  • A high level of creativity
  • The ability to set short-term as well as long-term goals
  • Much more

Builds Confidence

Anyone that sets goals and is able to meet them receives a boost of confidence when every milestone has been reached. The study of music has been proven to build confidence in both children and in adults and the addition of exams solidifies this boost of confidence. Confidence is a valuable quality that extends into everyday living and for children, it is something that will carry them forward into adulthood. Online music lessons along with music lessons delivered in a classroom are perfect for children and adults that are dealing with a lack of self-confidence.

An Enjoyable Hobby

If you are looking for a way to spend your time that will provide you with all the benefits listed above plus many more, think of taking music lessons. It’s a great way to spend your time and you’ll be able to express yourself in a creative way. Playing music can help you pick yourself up when you’re feeling down and is an enjoyable way to express happiness.

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Should Students Take the RCM Exam as Part Of Their Lessons?

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