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The Case for Drummer as Musician: What Aspiring Drummers Should Know

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Music theory is essentially the nuts and bolts of harmony, rhythm and melody. A musical piece’s structure, texture and form are also umbrellaed under music theory. These things are important to realize because each constituent part of music theory plays a role in any particular band or song.

Harmony, Melody and Rhythm

For instance, a classic rock piece is mainly driven by its harmony, or the arrangement of pitches and chords; melody, or the logically linked succession of notes, also plays a prominent part. Rhythm, however, is often unfairly undervalued. The drummer in most rock bands is usually responsible for seeing to the rhythm, or the regulation of strong and weak facets to “the beat.” Drum lessons and the advice of trained professionals can aid in teaching aspiring drummers foundational skills.

Time and Place for Drummers

Genres like jazz and rock usually feature drummers as these types of music require a driving rhythm. The drummers principal job is to keep time for the rest of the band. The drummer is typically part of the percussive section of a band or orchestra, which aims to keep time and provide the other band members with a consistent tempo. Obviously, the drummer needs to understand and incorporate music theory to successfully spearhead the musical endeavor of his bandmates.

Unsung Heroes

Famous drummers, such as Carl Allen and Narada Walden, have worked alongside and inspired equally famous musicians. Narada Walden, for example, is a drummer and respected songwriter who has worked alongside Jeff Beck for decades. Drummers like Narada need to understand music theory as deeply, or perhaps more deeply, than the musicians whom they support. Since the drummer helps to keep time, the drummers keen understanding of rhythmic foundations and tempo are paramount to a band’s overall sound. Drum lessons are obviously necessary to help to hone these skills.

Drummers: Best Musician?

Many music critics consider the drummer to be the most essential ingredient to a band’s sound. Indeed, the writers at LoudWire.com make this claim, and rank the year’s best drummers. LoudWire’s staff correctly note that drummers lay the foundation for the song’s mood and timing. Additionally, drummers help steer transitions in all types of music.

LoudWire’s List

The writers at LoudWire rank drummers on an array of percussive abilities. The ranking is not limited to one style or brand of drumming. For instance, LoudWire praises Blake Richardson for his technical acumen and keen ear for transitions. Furthermore, Chris Adler is noted for his powerful and creative drum arrangements.  LoudWire’s list demonstrates that drummers across genres and styles are crucial to the overarching success of a song. Clearly, the drummer is an integral part of any band, and taking drum lessons may help aspiring drummers become well rounded musicians.

The Case for Drummer as Musician: What Aspiring Drummers Should Know

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