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Innovative Drum Lessons in Toronto!

Do you need to find the best and most respected music school nearby? Our drum lessons are hard to beat (unlike our puns). Catering to Toronto’s diversity, we offer drum lessons in all styles for drum set and hand drums. Our drum studio features two kits that face each other, so you can follow your instructor closely.

With the busy demands of work, family and your social life, it’s not always convenient to physically attend a music lesson. That’s why Elite Music Academy now offers drums lessons online! We want to make sure that the joy of music is accessible to everyone, so if you want to start your musical journey (or sharpen your existing skills) now is the time to call us and tkae the first step.

With a 30 minute trial lesson for only $25, we’ll help you find the teacher and lesson time that is an ideal fit for you, no matter your style or skill level. Now anyone can learn to play drums like a pro – and you don’t even need to live in Toronto to do it! Interested? Check out our Online Music Lessons page to learn more.

As a performance-based music school, we encourage students to participate in our recitals and events at around Toronto. There’s also opportunities for youth to learn drums in a group setting via our rock band course where they perform and record an album every semester. In the summer, our Toronto Music Camp is a huge hit (get it?) for young drummers. These experiences help students develop as musicians beyond the ability to play drums and prepare them for real-world experiences, whether they pursue professional drumming or not.

Prospective students start with a trial drum lesson with one of our highly skilled drum teachers for an assessment and to set goals based on the student’s interests, skills, and preferences. All of our drum lessons include coordination skills (hand and foot independence), sight reading, improvisation, and technique. New students are eligible for two months of hand drum rentals –free.

If you want the best drum lessons Toronto has to offer, try our music school!

We “Beat Out” Other Drum Lessons in Toronto

  • Private drum lessons with highly qualified drum teachers
    Our drum teachers have extensive training, gigging, and teaching experience.
  • Take a trial drum lesson – no obligation!
    Find the perfect drum teacher. Ask questions and set goals before registering.
  • Record your awesome drum skills. Show off on stage.
    Take advantage of our recording studio. Perform at cool venues in Toronto.
  • Drum in a rock band or summer camp
    Don’t drum alone! Join our Toronto Music Camp and Rock Band program.
  • Fair and affordable
    We’ve got fantastic lesson policies and rates and we’re open 7 days a week.
  • Clean and professional
    Our newly renovated drum studios are equipped with two full kits.
  • Safety first
    All our drum teachers must pass a police background check

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    Our Drum Teachers

    Keith Stratton Lessons Teacher Instructor Toronto Drums Piano Composition Guitar School

    Keith Stratton

    From leading classical ensembles through his own compositions to keeping the beat at the back of a dance club, Keith Stratton’s musical world knows no bounds. A professional multi-instrumentalist currently based in Toronto, Keith teaches drums, guitar, bass, and piano in pop, rock and R’n’B styles. While his musical abilities are diverse, Keith’s teaching has a sharp focus on communicative playing and listening. Students looking to expand their musical vocabulary and develop their own unique style will enjoy Keith’s fun and imaginative approach!

    Gavyn Holt, Teaching Drum Set in Toronto

    Gavyn Holt

    From Pop and Rock to Orchestral Snare Drum, Doumbek and diverse styles on the drum set, Gavyn will have you reading your favourite musical styles with ease. Complete musical transcriptions or charts, and an emphasis on music theory while studying the drums will help each student to build confidence in becoming independent musicians.

    Tim Popek Drum Set Teacher Toronto

    Tim Popek

    From rock, pop, jazz, and fusion to metal or prog, Tim Popek is a drum teacher who understands rhythm at the subatomic level. Known for his versatility and attention to detail, Tim is an award-winning jazz artist and author of the educational series “Rhythmic Vocabulary”. As an educator, Tim has taught students from beginner to postgraduate and encourages his students to think about rhythm and music as a universal language with no boundaries or differences from one style to another.

    Brendan Curry Music Teacher Piano Guitar Drums Rock Band

    Brendan Curry

    An experienced, well-rounded guitar instructor who’s comfortable with a wide range of styles. Recognises and respects that each individual student will have unique tastes, skills and backgrounds and therefore does not adhere to a “one size fits all!” approach to teaching. Believes in maintaining a fun, patient approach when working with students while at the same time encouraging them to test their limits and realise their full potential.

    Eric Woolston Drum Lessons Teacher Toronto

    Eric Woolston

    BOOM boom, CLAP, smack. The sounds of wood hitting metal and skin. Beautiful grooves, fancy fills and technique await herein…

    Adam Cesarone Guitar and Drums Teacher

    Adam Cesarone

    A recent graduate from Humber College’s Bachelor of Music program, Adam is a young up and coming guitarist from Toronto. Well versed in drums as well, he has nearly a decade of teaching and performing experience ranging from the realms of rock, jazz, and classical music. Adam is very passionate about honing his craft as well as educating those who are interested in developing their own love and knowledge of music.

    Regular Students Save Money. Casual Students Get Flexibility.

    Top Reasons to Learn Drum Set

    1. Get your angst out by beating the heck out of something!
    2. Talented drummers are in high demand for bands. You’ll always have a job.
    3. Learning drums as a secondary instrument improves overall rhythmic skills.
    4. Get a great workout, burn calories, and break a sweat. Just ask Poundfit!
    5. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Neil Peart!
    6. Studying percussion can improve ADHD, depression, and IQ.
    7. Learning drums is fairly easy compared to melodic instruments.
    8. Playing percussion can boost your immune system.
    9. Develop superior coordination skills that translate into other aspects of life.
    10. Drumming helps kids with special needs.

    Drum Lessons FAQ

    Why is it so hard to find a female drum teacher in Toronto?

    We’d love to hire a qualified female drum teacher – if one applied. We strongly encourage females take drum lessons.

    Can play drums in front of an audience through your music school?

    Yes! What’s the point in learning drums if you can’t show off? We’re a performance based music school!

    How can I practice if I don’t have a full kit or can’t make noise?

    We’ve put together some drum lesson practice tips but you can always buy an electric kit with headphones.

    Are drummers even real musicians since they don’t play melodies or chords?

    Yes, drummers are real musicians. Learning drums takes immense coordination and artistic skills.

    I am self taught. How can drum lessons help me improve?

    For starters, helping you unlearn all the mistakes you’ve taught yourself. Learning drums by yourself isn’t a good idea.

    How do I pick the right drum instructor?

    You should take a trial lesson and interview the drum teacher before making a commitment. Here are 6 things you should consider.

    Is it true that it’s never too late to learn drum set?

    Adults face different challenges than kids when taking drum lessons for the first time. Here some great tips to succeed.

    Are there any good drum tutorials online?

    Want some extra help learning to play drums online? Get free drum lessons and tutorials here:

    Is it true that drum lesson can help kids with ADHD/Autism?

    We’ve written extensively on the benefit of music lessons for children with ADHD. Research has shown it can grow new brain fibre connections in the area of the brain that is typically underdeveloped in children with ADHD.