Rare Greek Bouzouki Lessons in Toronto

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Rare Greek Bouzouki Lessons in Toronto!

The best Greek bouzouki lessons in Toronto can only be found in Greek Town on the Danforth, where the bittersweet sounds of the bouzouki spill out on the streets. Elite Music Academy is well-established music school, home to the exceptionally talented bouzouki maestro, Tasos Isaakidis.

With the Greek bouzouki, students can cover a broad range of styles and explore folk music and fusion up and down the Mediterranean and Middle East. Whether you’re into bouzoukia night club music like skyládiko or laïkó or perhaps something more traditional like nisiotika or éntekhno, Tasos can teach it all.

Our bouzouki students have the option to join our school’s Greek band which often plays at Taste of the Danforth or local Greek tavernas along the Danforth. Students will get to record their music professionally and perform live at our Spring and Winter school concerts.

At Elite Music, all students start with a trial music lesson. We also sell and rent Greek bouzoukis if you don’t have one already. In addition to learning how to play and care for the bouzouki, you’ll learn music theory as it relates to the scales, modes, and rhythms of Greece.Elite Music Academy has always been home to the best Greek bouzouki lessons in Toronto. If you’re interested in Greek bouzouki lessons, Tasos will help get you playing in no time!

Elite Music Academy has always been home to the best Greek bouzouki lessons and sales in Toronto. If you’re interested in buying a bouzouki or taking lessons, just ask for Tasos!

Why Take Greek Bouzouki Lessons at Elite?

  • Authentic Greek bouzouki teachers
    Our bouzouki and baglama teacher is the real deal, originally from Greece!
  • Trial lesson with no obligation to register
    Meet the teach first, ask questions, and set goals.
  • Record and perform
  • Immortalise your bouzouki skills on stage and record in our professional studio!
  • Fair & affordable
    Our lesson rates and policies are fair and competitive.
  • Lessons over Skype (optional)
    It’s hard to find a bouzouki teacher outside Toronto. We’ve got you covered.

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Meet our Bouzouki Teacher

Bouzouki master

As a performance based music school, you can join a Greek Band to learn rebetika, laika, nisiotika, and modern Greek music in the heart of Toronto’s Greektown. We welcome vocalists and instrumentalists of all ages, abilities, and nationalities. The goal of our Greek Band is to record and perform live while developing musicianship. Each band member will learn how to solo, improvise, and back up other musicians in a wide variety of styles.

What to Expect
Perform on stage at a theatre and/or local club.
Have your performances videotaped and posted on our YouTube channel.
Rehearsals every week on Sunday.

Cost & Band Policies
Only $15/hr for students who already take private lessons at Elite Music.
Only $25/hr for those not currently enrolled in private lessons at Elite Music.
Lessons are prepaid by the semester.
Band members can not cancel lessons individually. There are no make-up lessons.

One year of playing bouzouki, bass, guitar, piano, baglama, saz, oud, drums, doumbek, clarinet, or voice.