February 17, 2014

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Yamaha Acoustic Guitars in Toronto

Ever wondered where you can find the best guitar classes nearby, particularly acoustic guitar classes? Start your acoustic guitar journey off right with Yamaha.We provide the lowest prices on acoustic guitars in Toronto – guaranteed!

Buy Yamaha Acoustic Guitars TorontoYamaha has been making high-quality musical instruments for many decades, and the company’s line of acoustic guitars are among the finest quality available and provide a great value for learning and expert musicians. When a student is taking his or her first guitar lesson, a quality instrument built to professional standards will help enable learning rather than hamper it with a substandard instrument. Yamaha has several lines of high-quality acoustic guitars that work very well for students and professionals alike. The F, FS, FG and redesigned L series of acoustic guitars are intended for varying uses and levels of play.

The F, FS and FG series generally work best for the entry-level student taking his or her first guitar lesson or intermediate-level hobbyists. The F guitars primarily are for new guitarists while the FG series is the guitar industry’s best-selling series of acoustic guitars. The FG offers advanced features that separate the guitars from the F series with better tuners and solid tops while maintaining an affordable entry-level price. The FS series is modeled after the company’s top-of-the-line LS series of acoustic guitars and offers professional musicians as well as skilled learners with a high-quality instrument for practicing and taking part in public performances but at an affordable price point. And the redesigned L series of guitars from Yamaha improves what already are among the finest acoustic guitars available.

Professional-Grade Beginner’s Guitars

Yamaha’s F-series acoustic guitars are among the most affordable guitars for beginning acoustic guitar students. Most are available for less than $300 and often times less than $200 while offering a high-quality instrument that many consider to be a very good value. The Yamaha F-310 in particular is an excellent instrument on which to learn and it very affordable. It is a semi-jumbo with a rosewood fretboard and 20 frets with chrome tuners. The steel-string guitar is easy to play and maintain and will provide years of good service for learning guitarists as well as experienced ones. It is a laminate instrument and provides a good tone as well as playability at the neck and stays in tune. A student won’t struggle with the instrument when using an F-310 for a guitar lesson.

Another F-series instrument that is very popular among beginners is the F1H, which is a solid-top guitar and provides excellent tone and intonation. The solid-top guitars resonate better with the strings and will give a deeper tone that many guitarists and listeners find satisfying. The folk-style guitars have a solid spruce top with fingerboards and sides that are made of rosewood with 20 frets along the fingerboards. The combination of rosewood fingerboards and solid tops provide an excellent playing surface with a comfortable positioning for the fingers. Chords will be much easier to practice and learn while soloing is enabled by the comfort of the neck.

Rounding out the F-series is the F-325, which is a very affordable folk-acoustic that works well for beginner guitarists. The laminated spruce body is the latest generation of the classic F-310 design and has a reputation for ease of playability with a dreadnaught-style body, Meranti back and sides and a rosewood fingerboard. Chrome tuners to keep it in tune. Like the 310, the 325 is a fantastic value while providing a quality instrument that will help students learn instead of being hamstrung by a poor instrument.

Solid-Top FG Series

Yamaha’s FG guitar series are among the most popular acoustic guitars for the student taking a first guitar lesson and comes a solid spruce top, rosewood fingerboards, sides and bridges and nato neck, back and rib. Several finishes are available, including natural, sunburst and several other options. Diecast chrome tuners keep them in tune while the 20-fret neck feels comfortable and instills confidence in learning musicians. The FG lineup offers a deep, clear tone and great intonation and resonance from the solid top. The FG guitars are very affordable and make a great compromise between affordable learner and professional-quality acoustic guitar.

FS Series for Ambitious Learners

While nearly any of the F- or FG-series of acoustic guitars will provide a lifetime of use for most guitarists, for those who envision semi-professional and professional engagements, the FS guitar series offers a high value for a high-quality instrument. Each FS series guitar has a solid top made of spruce, chrome tuners, rosewood fingerboard and small, folk-style body that fits comfortably in the arms of learning and professional guitarists. The FS series comes in a high level of pricing than the F and FG series but is very affordable when compared to similar quality instruments.

The FS series has a set neck that is very playable and will provide an excellent platform for practice and professional performance. The FS series is particularly good for beginning students who want an instrument that eventually can be used for serious professional performance. The high level of build quality as well as design and playability make the FS series possibly the best value in acoustic guitars.

Redesigned L Series (2014 Models)

Yamaha’s top L Series acoustics are newly redesigned and are handcrafted with solid Englemann spruce tops enhanced by an acoustic resonance treatment designed to improve the already wonderful sound quality of the guitars. The acoustic resonance treatment is intended to provide the broken-in tonal qualities of the finer acoustic guitars that have achieved unique tonal qualities partly due to age and wear. Vibration is improved by a redesigned lower bracing system that enhances the sound even more, and a thin-profile neck, lower string action and wider spacing between strings make the L series among the most playable as well as best-sounding guitars.

If taking a first guitar lesson, the Yamaha L series offers a top-level instrument for learners. Sound quality and ease of playing make it easier to practice and learn chords as well as helping new guitarists to develop their own unique soloing style. The L series is as good an instrument as any guitarist would need.

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