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The Best Guitar Lessons in Toronto Are Right Here

Music lessons at Elite Music Academy are like no other guitar lessons in Toronto. We hire the most qualified guitar teachers in Toronto, based on the highest possible standards in education and experience.

Our instructors will help you learn to read music, improve technique, and develop an in-depth understanding of what it means to be a musician in any musical genre you desire.

From the moment you walk in the door, you are treated like family by our professional guitar teachers and our friendly staff. 

Interested in Taking Guitar Lessons Online?

Sure, taking guitar lessons is great, but not everybody has the time to make it to one of our physical locations. That’s why Elite Music Academy is proud to offer guitar lessons online! Now you can sharpen your skills or learn a new instrument from the most experienced guitar teachers or instrument specialists Toronto has to offer, and you don’t even need to live here! Even better, we provide a 30 minute trial lesson for only $25 to anyone interested in signing up so that you can find the perfect fit.

We’re also flexible in terms of schedule so that you can get the lessons you want when it’s most convenient for you. Want to learn more? Check out our Online Music Lessons page for more information. 

A One-Of-A-Kind Music School in Toronto for guitar lessons

Toronto has very few music schools that are performance-based. Our students are given numerous opportunities to perform at cool venues all around Toronto. Guitar lessons culminate in our winter and spring showcases, where students can show off on a professional stage

If you are looking for outstanding guitar lessons in Toronto from the city’s best teachers, you will find it at Elite Music Academy. We’ll teach you how to play guitar or bass competently and give you the support of an entire music community with plenty of opportunities for performance.

New students can even schedule trial guitar lessons to make sure their teacher can meet their goals. We also offer free instrument rentals during your first two months of classes. We also teach bass, ukulele, and mandolin!


Guitar Lessons in Toronto to be part of a Band!

For students eager to stretch their wings, we offer a year-round rock band course where guitarists of all ages learn to develop musicianship and have fun. You’ll learn how to work in a band, record in a professional studio, and perform in live venues. 

You’ll develop musicianship and improve your playing and listening skills by learning some of the biggest hits in rock & roll history. And of course, you’ll make new friends and create unforgettable memories!

The Best Guitar Lessons Toronto Has to Offer

  • Private guitar lessons for all ages, styles, and abilities. We teach guitar lessons for electric, bass, classical, acoustic, and flamenco.
  • Start with a trial guitar lesson. No obligation to register! See if guitar lessons are right for you before committing. Meet the instructor first, ask questions, and set goals.
  • Play guitar around Toronto! Perform in popular clubs, theatres, and cafes.
  • Rock band programs and summer camps. Perform and record in our Toronto Music Camp or Rock Band Course.
  • Affordable and convenient! We’ve got great lesson rates and policies and we’re open 7 days a week.
  • Clean and professional. Our newly renovated classrooms are equipped with guitar amps
  • Safety first! All our guitar instructors must pass a police background check

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    Our Guitar Teachers

    Cory Hill Voice Guitar Ukulele Piano Teacher Toronto Music Lessons

    Cory Hill

    A multi-instrumentalist and innovative teacher, Cory has crafted his own unique methods for teaching music over the last ten years. Immersing students in multiple genres, he combines many elements of the fine arts and modern research in cognitive science to ensure that every student has a unique and enriching experience that will direct them towards musical success.

    Keith Stratton, Best Piano Lessons in Toronto, East York with experience piano teachers

    Keith Stratton

    From leading classical ensembles through his own compositions to keeping the beat at the back of a dance club, Keith Stratton’s musical world knows no bounds. A professional multi-instrumentalist currently based in Toronto, Keith teaches drums, guitar, bass, and piano in pop, rock and R’n’B styles. While his musical abilities are diverse, Keith’s teaching has a sharp focus on communicative playing and listening. Students looking to expand their musical vocabulary and develop their own unique style will enjoy Keith’s fun and imaginative approach!

    Dylan Rockett Toronto Music Lessons Guitar Bass Drums Ukulele Piano Trumpet

    Dylan Rockett

    Award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Dylan Rockett, is an honours grad from York University’s Music program and a full-time musician in Toronto. He teaches guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano.

    Steve Frise Guitar Banjo Ukulele Toronto

    Steve Frise

    Steve Frise is a professional guitarist, composer, producer and instructor currently located in Toronto. An accomplished guitarist and a fun, energetic teacher, he is skilled in many genres. Steve performs and records in a variety of musical styles with several different local and international projects.

    Madison Hayes Crook Contemporary Classical Musical Theatre Vocal Voice Singing Lessons Toronto

    Madison Hayes-Crook

    (Teaches Ukulele – Not Guitar)
    Madison is a Toronto based triple threat firecracker. Known best for her portrayal as Cinderella in the National Tour of “Disenchanted” and as Elle Woods in the Toronto production of “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” Madison is thrilled to bring her passion for performance and music to the next generation of performers. Bubbly and driven Madison gives her students the technical and performance skills they need to help them reach their goals in a safe, fun environment.

    Todd Lefever Guitar Lessons Toronto

    Todd Lefever

    Todd is an experienced and skilled guitarist. He has toured internationally, appeared on national television and has performed for thousands opening for bands such as Scorpions and Metallica. He is a great guitar teacher who genuinely cares about his guitar students and works hard to teach them the skills needed to help them reach their goals.

    Mary Mendoza Vocal Teacher Toronto R&B Soul Lessons

    Mary Mendoza

    Some may consider Mary a chameleon; she is a fun, creative and encouraging teacher who sings, raps, writes songs/poetry, records/mixes vocals, dances, plays piano & guitar, acts, meditates, performs as a Disney Princess, helps aspiring songwriters in their career/creative goals at the Songwriters Association of Canada, and is the author of an inspiring book about mental health and resiliency.

    Rod Rodrigues Guitar Lessons Teacher Toronto Heavy Metal Shred

    Rod Rodrigues

    Rod has been teaching pop, rock, blues, and metal guitar for over 20 years. Earning his BA in Music from Claretiano University, he has also taken online courses from Berklee College of Music, University of Edinburgh, and others. Rod’s teaching methods are systematic and cumulative with technique, harmony and improvisation using his own published method, “Guitar Workout”.

    James Duff Guitar Ukulele Bass Teacher Toronto

    James Duff

    An experienced, well-rounded guitar instructor who’s comfortable with a wide range of styles. Recognises and respects that each individual student will have unique tastes, skills and backgrounds and therefore does not adhere to a “one size fits all!” approach to teaching. Believes in maintaining a fun, patient approach when working with students while at the same time encouraging them to test their limits and realise their full potential.

    Denny Copf is a guitar teacher at Elite Music Academy

    Denny Copf

    Denny is a rock musician, bandleader and songwriter with a passion for teaching music. His boundless enthusiasm for seeing growth in his students is contagious. He is dedicated to helping his students achieve their musical goals and establish strong musical foundations.

    Brendan Curry Music Teacher Piano Guitar Drums Rock Band

    Brendan Curry

    An experienced, well-rounded guitar instructor who’s comfortable with a wide range of styles. Recognises and respects that each individual student will have unique tastes, skills and backgrounds and therefore does not adhere to a “one size fits all!” approach to teaching. Believes in maintaining a fun, patient approach when working with students while at the same time encouraging them to test their limits and realise their full potential.

    Sam Clark is a violin, mandolin, and beginner guitar teacher in Toronto at Elite Music Academy

    Sam Clark

    Sam is a folk musician and songwriter with a background in classical violin, also teaching mandolin and beginner guitar. With his background teaching philosophy and psychology, Sam is a thoughtful teacher who understands how to help people find meaning in music. He hopes to open the eyes of young musicians to all the different directions their instruments can take them, as his own journey has taken him as far afield as hip-hop, motown, bluegrass, and others.

    Matheus Caldas teaches guitar and musical composition for Rock, Blues, Jazzm and Fusion in Toronto

    Matheus Caldas

    Matheus Caldas is above all a lover of music. For him, music is a very important and crucial form of communication and expression and he believes that any musical instrument can become, through practice and dedication, an extension of one’s most true self.

    Camila Milla teaches guitar, ukulele, and piano lessons in Toronto

    Camila Milla

    Camila is a passionate electric guitar player, music composer, film music writer and teacher. With experience in a large variety of music styles, she loves to challenge her self and her students to new levels of fun and performance. She enjoys teaching piano, ukulele and guitar, so either you are a beginner or an advanced get ready to rock your instrument!

    Vaggeli Koulogiannis is a Greek bouzouki and guitar teacher in Toronto

    Vaggeli Koulogiannis

    From 25 years of experience, Vaggeli has developed a deep knowledge and passion for music. He has the ability to build caring relationships with students as well as use friendliness and approach-ability from being a parent himself. His strong love for guitar and bouzouki has made him the person he is today.

    Adam Cesarone Guitar and Drums Teacher

    Adam Cesarone

    A recent graduate from Humber College’s Bachelor of Music program, Adam is a young up and coming guitarist from Toronto. Well versed in drums as well, he has nearly a decade of teaching and performing experience ranging from the realms of rock, jazz, and classical music. Adam is very passionate about honing his craft as well as educating those who are interested in developing their own love and knowledge of music.

    Connor Steele

    Connor is a multi – instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and producer. Well versed in most musical styles, he believes in a “listening first” teaching approach. Developing an understanding of what each student wants to achieve, and how they learn best.

    Regular Students Save Money. Casual Students Get Flexibility.

    Top 10 Reasons To Learn How to Play a Guitar

    1. Studying guitar increases cognitive development in kids and adults. 
    2. Learning music is a top 10 stress reliever
    3. Shredding boosts hand agility and fine motor skills (and looks very cool). 
    4. Learn to play bass guitar, and you’ll always be able to find a job in a band. 
    5. It’s the best instrument for attracting a girlfriend or boyfriend! 
    6. The guitar is an expressive, versatile instrument. 
    7. Be the life of the party. People are drawn toward guitarists in social situations. 
    8. Buying a quality acoustic or electric guitar is affordable
    9. Guitars are portable and fun to play on the beach or street corner! 
    10. Rebel against your parents (or your kids!)

    Guitar Lessons FAQ

    My child is small. Do you sell quality kid’s sized guitars?

    Yes. Yamaha makes  1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 sized kid’s guitars so your child can start guitars lessons no matter what their size.

    What kind of guitar picks should I buy?

    Any large, lightweight gauge pick is best to start with, unless you want to read a whole lesson on picking the right guitar pick.

    How do I pick a good guitar instructor?

    A brief interview and trial lesson is the best way to determine if a teacher is right for you. During your trial lesson, there are 6 things you should consider when shopping for a guitar teacher.

    I am left-handed. Do I need left handed guitar lessons and a left handed guitar?

    It depends.  Are you predominantly left handed? We sell left handed guitars but make sure you actually need a left-handed guitar first.

    My child is small. Do you sell quality kid’s sized guitars?

    Yes. Yamaha makes  1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 sized kid’s guitars so your child can start guitars lessons no matter what their size.

    What if I only want to learn rock guitar?

    We have a teacher for every style! Make sure you specify what kind of style of guitar you want to learn before we book your trial lesson. Here are some tips to help Toronto-area guitar students learn rock guitar.